Every year, millions of pounds' worth of energy escape through windows. Heat can even escape through double-pane insulating windows. However, the good news is that a “superwindow” may soon be commercially available that is twice as insulating as most windows in use today.

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The importance of energy efficient windows

According to the 
Energy Saving Trust energy efficient windows make your home more comfortable and reduce heat loss. They also insulate against external noise and reduce the build-up of condensation.

Normal double-glazed windows are constructed from two sheets of glass with a gap of around 16 mm between them that may be filled with argon gas. This insulating barrier stops heat from leaving the house. 

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Research into triple glazing

Triple glazed windows have three sheets of glass and two insulating gaps. There has been considerable research into triple glazing in recent years. Scientists at the United States Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have been collaborating with two commercial partners, namely, Andersen Corporation, the leading United States window and door manufacturer and Alpen High-Performance Products, which is a specialist manufacturer of energy-efficient doors and windows. The collaborative team has come up with a “thin triple” super window design. It is thought to be at least twice as insulating as double glazing and seven times more insulating than a single-glazed window. The windows are being tested and optimized for large-scale manufacture.

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A new design for maximum insulation

Triple glazed windows are not new, but it is the new thin glass that makes this product so special. It is only 0.7 mm thick, and when it was first developed twenty years ago, there were no manufacturers that could produce it in large enough quantities. However, the flat screen TV industry has changed that, and now it is commercially possible. 

The triple-glazed super window has a third layer of very thin glass sandwiched between two normal layers of glass. A second coating is added, and the gaps are filled with krypton gas. This has much higher insulating properties than argon, which is used in normal double-glazed windows. The researchers hope that this will be “another leap in window efficiency”.

Published by Sunil Pandey