Depending only on sign language and writing to communicate during my three weeks of being voiceless was very tiring. I would write and people would ask me for more explanation which would force me to rewrite. I would ask my daughter to transform my signs into words and in her young age she would ask me to be clearer. I had no choice but to be very selective and specific while communicating. One word poorly chosen would let people ask for more elaboration which was a luxury I couldn't afford. 
These weeks worked like an elevator for my communication skills. I learned that in order to communicate effectively, first I must start thinking of what I wanted to say exactly. Second, to select in my mind the vocabulary that would best express the meaning I wanted to convey. And then to start the communication process. 
Communication is a process that starts before we open our mouth and it requires more thinking and less speaking. 

Published by Iman Refaat