Though the duration of three weeks doesn't seem that long, yet spending it mute without muttering a word made it look like forever. Living my daily events while feeling disabled was so tough. After being a social person who hardly spent time with herself, I became sealed with negative emotions for not being able to communicate. I mingled with people the least possible and spent most of my time imprisoned inside myself.  Loneliness, fear, worry, anxiety, sadness and anger became my constant companions. 
Spending this duration entrapped inside my own self unlocked my compassion. As if a new lens was added to my iris. I started to notice pain in people's voices. I would look in a person's eye as if I'm looking at a reflection of his soul. And unfortunately what I saw since then was pain, a lot of pain. 
Experiencing negative emotions and indulging in them with all my senses helped me become a compassionate person. As if I had a long walk in the shoes of people who suffered from emotional hardship and became more sensitive to their pain. The way I saw others changed and my way in dealing with them changed as well. 

Published by Iman Refaat