"Oh my God..I can't believe it, life can't be greater, I can't be happier." This was my feeling 5 years ago, 12 hours before the major event that turned my life upside down and changed me forever. 
I was at the club at night, playing with my husband and 2 children speed ball. I felt so happy having fun with my little family and felt that I was on top of my life. My career was great; working as an educator and being able to inspire and reach my middle years students. My personal life was amazing; my partner and me were close friends, my children were getting older and I was having more time for myself and we were bonded together as a close family. I felt grateful for my life and unfortunately I didn't expect what was awaiting for me.
I went to bed happy that night. Happiness was the feeling that dominated me. The next morning, I woke up to find myself voiceless. I tried to speak with no hope. I was mute. I felt sacred and puzzled, what could have happened to me while sleeping, I couldn't figure out. I texted my mother and she took an appointment with a famous doctor at night. I spent the day in bed, angry and confused. The hours passed so heavily till we reached the clinic.
"You have acute inflammation in your vocal cords. This is the list of medicines you have to take. You must rest your voice completely for three weeks without muttering a word. I will check you again afterwards and in case your didn't improve you will be operated," the doctor declared in his deep voice and slow-motion talk. My mother took the double-faced prescription and went on for long minutes to investigate all the 'she should' and 'she shouldn't' and repeating to me that I must be careful to avoid an operation in my vocal cords which was hell of a risk from her perspective. 
Though five longs years had passed, I still feel the sourness of this night in my throat. I still recall the smell of the clinic and the texture of the tube he stuffed in my mouth to inspect my cords. 
During these five years I became a different person and to be honest, it was due to this incident. Reflecting on my life lately, I figured out the profound lessons I learned from this experience and this made me decide to start a series of articles in which I will share the lessons I have learned. The articles will be under the title of "How Turning Mute Made Me Better Not Bitter" and my thanks go to my friend Caroline Emile who inspired me with the title. She has a very interesting Facebook page that I invite you to visit at

Published by Iman Refaat