You might have heard that companies have come up with new marketing strategies named video brochure. This particular marketing trick is immensely gaining popularity day by day. It is the new innovative, modern and advanced marketing method for companies through which, they can increase their visibility more and more among customers. It is a great way to keep the audience engaged and indirectly compels them to hear what you and your company wants to say, be it about the company's vision, goals, products or services.


Video brochure or the video card is a printed packaging; it consists of rechargeable batteries, speakers, LCD screen and a USB connection. Through this USB connection, one can charge as well as change the videos according to their choice. Research has found that 60% of individuals prefer to watch a video and gain information instead of reading a lengthy text. The innovative and attractive videos evoke emotions among the also viewers find it interactive and this all, in turn, helps to boost sales and revenue.



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Thus, it can be said that such video brochures or video cards can make a marketing campaign successful because of the following reasons:


  • Serves many purposes:

Video brochures have been used all over in different industries for different purposes. As it serves many purposes, it can also be used for fundraising, for providing education and training, assisting recruitment, providing vast exposures, increasing sales, etc.


  • High ROI:

Investment in video brochures is what every company should follow to make their marketing campaigns successful. Even though they target a specific audience group, but the audience who are targeted are in need of such products, services, or training etc. and thus, respond positively largely. This cost-effective marketing trick, therefore, makes marketing campaign's success as we have high returns as compared to the cost.


  • Portable:

One of the advantages, which video brochures provide to companies who are using it as their marketing tool, is that its battery is rechargeable and can be viewed by anyone, anywhere. The content does not need to be downloaded repeatedly; it reloads easily, and can be viewed any number of times; thus, making marketing a hit among the audience.


  • Highly interactive:

Responses from the audience on such videos and promotion are high as compared to other marketing medium. Audiences find such videos interactive and fresh. In addition, the audiences who love and enjoy the video easily make it viral. Thus, more number of people get to know about the company and its various services; this all, in turn, creates a brand image, boost sales and revenue.

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Because of the above reasons, video brochures are a big hit among the audience. This smart and attractive combination of audio and video creates a positive impact among the audience, also helps them in decision making. In addition, this all, in turn, benefits the company as their marketing campaign truly becomes successful.


So, hire the best team and get started with video brochures for your marketing campaigns.

Published by Shiva Kushwaha