I'm going to tell you a story about a time I crossed paths with one of the most amazing human beings and how it changed my life.So this particular event happened on Tuesday,October 11,2016, yes it was this recent. My wife and I had to make a trip to Miami to drop a friend off at the airport, so I proposed us staying the night because I wanted to get some good vlogging in for my channel. As soon as she agreed I was already thinking about where I wanted to go and kind of what I was going to wear,cool. Then we finally made it to Miami the night before & had forgotten to book a hotel, as bad as it seems I told her we can go park at a 24 hour store and take a nap until morning, due to the fact that it was already almost 4 am.. So we did, we slept in the car in front of a Walmart until about 7 am, and then got up to go get ready for our day, feeling refreshed like we had slept 8 hours.  Tuesdays here, and we got ready in the car, makeup and all, got freshened up and kept going. After finding an awesome Cuban bakery to eat breakfast at we headed towards Wynwood Walls, which is somewhere we always visit when we go to Miami. We get there and start taking pictures, vlogging, having a great time looking at all of the art they have on pretty much every wall in  the little town we were in. If you have never heard of Wynwood Walls, its an art deco, you enter the little town and there are murals, paintings, graffiti, just art work everywhere. This place is magical, So we head to the car and we sit there of course on social media, and we see this guy struggling to take a selfie with a mural. Naturally we ask "Do you want me to take your picture?", and the stylish guy, driving my dream car (Mercedes G-class SUV) chuckles and says you see me struggling ehh. After that it was like we had known each other for a life time, I started taking pictures of him and his car by the murals and had a whole lot of fun doing it. Your probably wondering why this event changed my life so much that I decided to post about it. Personally, Yes I interact with people but not to the point that I feel confident and comfortable doing it at all times, and this time it was the most amazing feeling and the vibes were over the top positive. The mini photo shoot is over and he comes down from his car and introduces himself, and thanks me for taking his pictures. Then I didn't know who he was when he said Vernon Scott, and we sat there and talked awhile and naturally i gave him my social media so we could keep in touch. As soon as I reached the car I looked him up on social media and saw that he was a photographer & did hair and styled, and i'm thinking cool it made sense because his vibe was creative. I looked more in depth and saw he had worked with some really big celebrities and models and you could probably imagine my face >_<  . Moral of the story since I know i've been rambling, I ran into a man who is talented, and works with the people we look up to and he was the most down to earth, humble, and amazing spirit i've ever met in my life. Meeting people who are starting to grow and progress in what they love to do usually aren't as humble and don't even give people the time of day. But as a creative, we have to share our experiences and our talents with one another, he brought out the creative in me, and that I haven't seen in a while and this is like a thank you to him for sharing his wisdom with myself and my wife and I really hope to cross paths with him again. I am grateful for this day and will never forget the awesome day that occurred. This maybe all over the place, but I am sharing this as a journal entry and to express my happiness for meeting a great spirit through our short journey in Miami. Until next time My Lovelies 

Published by Fabiola Gonzalez