A post I wrote a few weeks ago that I feel is too risque for the main blog so here it is. 



And so it begins. Exams start this week and yeah it's a little scary. These exams will dictate university offers and that's not really something I've wrapped my head around yet. Not going to beat around the bush here. I know I'm going to do well. High nineties in everything I reckon. If someone I know finds this I'll be flamed for being a cocky bastard but honestly I've worked for it and provided I don't have an existential crisis I can do well. I think I could get best in Scotland, this year I haven't cocked my coursework - at least I don't think so - and that's a big part so I really think I can do it.

My exam technique is pretty good I'd say, the crossmarking, 5 minutes of "meditation" at the start will set me up well and they're really good habits. Time in most of my subjects won't be an issue so it's just an endurance event to concentrate fully for 2 and a bit hours Nutrition I'm doing well, eating good and there's not much rubbish in the house I can binge on. Sleep I need to get more of, just becoming more responsible and I'll end here because I have stuff to do. This month is the month that defines me and I'm worried that I'm not going in hard enough but the ball's only just started rolling so I'm pumped to see where this is going.

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