The earrings are a very important complement in your look, and that is why you must pay special attention to this accessory. It must be a jewel that favors the face while giving you a distinguished and elegant touch. Therefore, here in this article we want to give you some tips so that you can choose the most recommended earrings for you.

Form of your face

Round face - It is recommended that you opt for long earrings, probably simple rings without much style. A great option would be the gold and white pearl earrings. If you have no artificial holes in your ear lobes, you can buy Gold clip on earrings.

Square face - The best thing would be for you to wear hoop earrings. Whenever you can avoid large earrings.

Triangular face - The XXL earrings are a great option for this type of faces. Other recommendations are large hoops and long earrings with circular shapes. Never wear earrings with triangular shapes.

Oval face - You're in luck. The shape of your face allows you to wear any type of earring. You only have to take into account the costumes and the event you attend to choose the most appropriate.

Does height really matter?

If you have a tall stature and want to boost it, it is recommended that you incorporate long earrings into your look. But if your height is short or you have short hair, small pearl earrings will be your ideal companion such as white gold and white pearl earrings or yellow gold and diamond earrings.

Must take hairstyle in consideration

If you are going to wear the hair in a gathered like a ponytail or bun, the earrings will take center stage since the hair will be removed from the face. Therefore, it is advised to you to bet on shiny and elongated earrings. What do you think of these earrings in yellow gold and pearls? In case you have long curly hair, you must use long earrings. If you have a great mane or you usually go with loose hair, the best option is to choose large earrings.

Length of the earring

You must pay special attention to the look you have chosen and ensure that the earrings are balanced with your clothes and accessories. If you choose a bright complement, opt for complementing the look with discreet earrings, as this will give the perfect balance to your outfit. Long earrings you can consider them more glamorous and small ones more elegant. The elongated slopes are ideal for people who have long neck and tall, and enhancing the lines of the face. If you want to dazzle, don't miss clip on gold earrings. Small earrings are recommended for short necks and for short girls.

Silver earrings or gold earrings - The option to buy gold earrings is perfect for women at any age, especially who have brown eyes and a golden skin tone or also for girls with light skin and eyes. We hope that these tips help you to choose your earrings.


Published by Mohsin Ahsan