When matters begin their descent into decay, the mind is dismayed. The mind wants things to be whole, to be healthy. But time is the mover of all things, and eventually, all matters crest the apex of their best form and start to fall.

Every matter has a decline, as well as an incline. This means that it cannot remain.

There is a story about a powerful Persian ruler of old who asked his advisors and wise men for a singular quote that would wholly ring true at all times and in every circumstance. They pondered this matter for a bit and arrived at this answer:

“This, too, shall pass.”

How gloriously simplistic, yet brilliant in nature! The mind massages its grief at matters passing with this particular adage. With understanding, we can be forgiving when it comes to decay. And with hope, we can come alive at the sight of the next birth.

Every matter has a beginning. And every matter comes to an end. It is this fate, which is more powerful than our mind, to which our mind must submit.


Originally published on http://andwethink.wordpress.com

Published by Benjamin Bellah