Reflecting on the past few weeks, I decided to finally write something. These past few weeks have been overwhelmingly depressing and to be honest, I have been questioning certain institutions that have been put in place to help us.

We wake up everyday, take a shower we might eat breakfast, have a cup of coffee or tea, get dressed, go to work/school/wherever and then we come home exhausted, feeling like you're about to die and then we eat dinner, shower and rest and repeat those series of events. For many, that's what a sedentary lifestyle looks like or what it's supposed to look like.

We don't think about the 'what if' moments. What if in the middle of a football match, we collapse and die. What if the depression gets too much and we decide to commit suicide. What if we die  because of an illness that we expected to get out of.

Sometimes, we are posed with life threatening situations, and then after, persons ask, what could I have done differently. How could we have prevented this?

Take for example, the case of Dominic James. This was an unexpected event. A young teenager like this shouldn't be suffering a heart attack. But, it happened. There has been outcry from the Jamaican public condemning ISSA for the lack of proper medical emergency services at sports events organized by the entity. What if there was proper paramedics? What if there was a defibrillator? What if all these things were provided and he still died?

No, everything doesn't happen for a reason. And those words have to be the most disheartening to a person. God knows why he diedGod knows why he had to take him. Why would a loving God do so?

Ingrid Brown also died before her time. She was studying law and loved God and life. She was an excellent journalist. What if Ingrid didn't relapse into her disease? What if she had survived her battle?

Christopher Palmer, past Wolmerian committed suicide. What if we had an idea he would do so?

Human frailty is a hell of a thing.



Published by Mikhail Williams