Life stretches before us. The path leads through forests, over hills, round bends. It has rises and falls, pitfalls and traps, hurdles and high-ropes. How do you deal with these? How do you face up to them? As a Christian it is imperative that I pray for strength and guidance on this journey, but it is as important to keep in mind that God asks men and women to do, to act, to live. 

Human Instrumentality Over Hurdles

Hurdles raised ahead of you
And as you run you pray too:
Lord, bring me over each one.
So you rest, your race is won.
The first hurdle shakes your stride;
Rub your knee. Has your God lied?
Perhaps the second, but no,
No, not it, it knocks you low
And gravel scrapes your raw soul.
Losing spiritual control
Doubt invades where previous strength
Was true to faith and, at length,
Would have fought until the grave.
But here , the third drives the stave
Through your pleading heart and mind.
As you reach the end you find
Many finished far ahead.
Conversations now are spread
Of higher bars, more or less,
Distance covered, people blessed,
And when you tell your own tale - 
Of how hurdles would impale
As you prayed and ran your way - 
People listen and they say:
But why did you never jump?

Published by Andrew Davies