Humanity against Terrorism. The most highlighted issue of the news everyday and night. A lot of horrible events has been happening all over the world, Western countries, Middle East, EVERYWHERE.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” (Martin Luther King Jr., 1963 ‘I have a dream’

These words were directed towards the unfair treatment caused by imperialism and racism. And now applicable due to recent events.

Who is the enemy? The answer to this is the cowards who are hiding their selves behind a religion of peace. I see the news and negativity against Islam everywhere. I can’t help but feel lucky that I am not one of them ,because I wouldn’t know how to deal with the horrific words used against them.
Then I realized, people who are rallying, claiming that Islamic people have no place in their countries and should go back to where they ‘belong’.
Where exactly is that? Is it the countries, where people, men, women, old people and innocent children die because of the war that their country is going through? Is it back to the countries where they feel like they have no future because of its economic issues?
Answer this, if your neighbor is going through domestic issues. If the father of the family is abusive towards his wife and children and either the wife or one of the kids ask for your help, or sits on the walk path in front of your house, would you tell them to go back to their house where they belong?
Clearly we see the country that we live in as our home, it’s where we should feel the safest, and it’s where we should feel most comfortable. Do you think refugees would leave their home if they have a choice?
In these rallies, people say that Islamic people don’t belong here, because really, the problems that they have within their countries is not our problem. And because of the obvious fact that we don’t know whom else to blame with the ongoing issues that surrounds terrorism except for the people in front of us.
Going back to the family going through domestic issues, do we tell the wife and children, go back to your house? Go back to the abusive father; your problem is not ours.

This is humanity against terrorism.

WAKE UP. And stop feeding the media with more negativity and satisfaction.
If we keep this going, terrorists will succeed. We are going to create a bigger division within humanity. We are giving them what they want. We are becoming terrorists ourselves with the way we treat the people who we believe are terrorists.
This is the start of an issue that this world already had. First, we fight against a religion, an entire race, then country against country. When does it stop?
How does rallying and discriminating help? Your brother or sister or husband or wife wants to get rid of the Islamic people. The same people whose children are probably friends with your own without your knowledge, because children are innocent enough to judge a person by their character instead of appearance but smart enough to know not to share this information with you because they know what you believe in.
How does giving the lady wearing a Hijab an unfair treatment help with these issues? When she was just as disheartened and affected by the same news that you watched.
Yes, these terrorist attacks are horrifying and inhumane. And it’s great seeing people showing compassion. But really think about what you’re doing; really try to understand the situation. An American, Australian, Iraqi, Lebanese, Filipino, Korean if come face to face with a passionate professional terrorist all have the same chance of being recruited or killed.


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