Sitting on a dock. Facing the bay. Listening to the water; how it sways back and forth. The boats lightly tap the pillars that hold them in place. The sky is a pure blue with scattered clouds… soon my attention goes back to the small waves. I breathe in a deep breath of the salty air. I feel at peace here and as my gaze is fixated on the bay, I see a white butterfly cross my vision. It’s small wings going against the wind; almost as though it would do anything for me to see its being. As though it is its duty from The Divine.

I marvel at this scene. I wonder to myself, “What a strange place for a butterfly to be at?” I soon find myself standing up, leaving the dock, walking away from that moment…and forgetting all about it.

The next morning I wake up and look outside my window. To my amazement, I see a whole group of butterflies. This time, they are all much bigger with varying colors. In that second my memory came back on when I was on the dock. I knew God (higher being, whatever word makes you comfortable) was trying to tell me something important.

I sat and thought of what it could be and alas the message came through because there are no coincidences in this world!

Humanity is like the butterfly, the ones who start out as blind and small. Crawling our way through life. Walking in the same direction over and over again, never being able to fly up on high. Due to never being able to get off the floor, people step on us. Stomp! Jump! Rip us apart with their bare hands. This leaves the one’s abused by others feeling lost and as though there is no other way out. So our natural response is to fall, growing into depression and hiding in our cocoons. But then, something finally clicks in our fragile minds. We see that we  no longer want to be in that dark place and that we want to be joyful.

We have to go through pain to realize the true meaning of life; love. Love is all that one needs. Material things won’t bring anyone everlasting happiness and that an individual must learn that peace is within. Always reachable, always attainable. As our hearts and brains begin to see the truth we begin to break the tight shell wrapped around us; riding us of our past just like the snake.

The serpent sees that it must let go of the past and it’s unnecessary baggage; finding its new skin underneath the old, teared up flesh. Likewise, the caterpillar breaks free from the confinement of its housing from the past two weeks. In a sense, we are just like the capitellar leaving the paralyzing, tight period of our lives behind; leaving the pain where it belongs. At first, our short-sighting vision may trick us that we won’t survive and that we will just fall to the ground; rotting to our death. While in actuality, humanity always comes out stronger, it is only a matter if that individual wants to be the victim or the warrior. It is completely up to them.We share this in common with the caterpillar; when we break free from our cocoons we come out with beautiful, multi-colored, long, wonderful wings!

With amazement, we will perhaps look back for a quick moment to the past and watch the memories from the painful time flash before our eyes; the eyes that have seen great love but also great hatred… Yet, we understand that it is the past. We no longer want it to consume us. We are focused on our current life situation, now.

So, fly high up to the trees and dance with the wind. Realize you have always been beautiful and that internal peace has always been yours. You just had to find it and if you find yourself in that dark cocoon again, which you mostly likely will because life is a constant rollercoaster, accept it with no judgment. Remember who you are. What your purpose is and how you want to spread love in the world. Yes, you will be in the dark but you will be more powerful than the black space around you for you are the light. The dark will have no effect on your attitude and perspective.

The Creator who created us created all the insects, animals, and plants and the God who made those beautiful, diverse beings formed our eyes and hearts. The Creator dreamed big dreams for us, that’s why as people we are such daydreams…”hopers” of hope. Remember things do not just magical appear into existences; everything has a purpose, a meaning. As humans, we can learn a lot from the creatures that walk, swim, and fly on this big green, blue planet. Which, by the way, is perfectly positioned in space for our survival…which is mind blowing in itself. The Creator truly loves us and wants the best for us. Remember The Universe is on our side; the game of life is rigged in our favor!  (Jalaluddin Rumi)

A takeaway: Go outside or if you don’t enjoy pollen, strong winds or rain just look out your window for a good five minutes. Within that time, I guarantee you will learn something new or be reminded of something or just have a moment of true consciousness. Try it out, and write in the comments your experience!

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Published by Michelle Tulik