This story is a great example of how sometimes we pray and fail to see the answers right in front of our faces because we have our own pre-conceived ideas of how the answers should come to us.This is the popular story about the man caught in the flood:

Surrounded by water and sitting on his front porch, the man is approached by a rescue worker in a boat. The would-be rescuer tells the man to get in the boat because the river is still  rising. The man, devoutly religious, says, “No thank you, my Lord will protect me.” And the boat leaves without him.


Two hours later, the man has moved to the second story
of his house, since the first story is now under water. This
time a Sheriff’s deputy steers his boat up next to the window and tells the man to get in his boat because the river is still rising.

Again the man refuses, saying, “No thank you, my Lord will protect me.” And the deputy is forced to leave without him.

An hour later, the man has moved to the roof of his house when a helicopter flies over and drops a ladder for the man. Once again the man refuses, yelling up to the pilot, “No thank you, my Lord will protect me.” And the chopper leaves.

The man does die and goes to heaven. There, he is
granted a brief conversation with God. Immediately the
man says, “Dear Lord, I have been a faithful servant all my
life. I have always turned to You and You alone.”

God nods his agreement, saying, “Yes, this is true.”
“Why then,” the man continues, “did you leave me to
die in that terrible flood?”
God shakes his head and says, “I didn’t mean for you to
die. In fact, I sent two boats and a helicopter. What more
did you want?

(Author unknown)





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