Peanut butter and strawberry jam... mac and cheese... caramel and macchiato... Fall Out Boy and Twenty One Pilots... toasted blueberry bagel and cream cheese... Barnes and Nobles... Halloween and Christmas... Jack and Sally

Just a few of life's perfect matches, they wouldn't be the same without one another. The lock and key effect is what I refer to when it comes to certain things in life. There's one other pairing that I find cog together in perfect harmony, Horror and Humor. You can't have one without the other, it's a twisted romance that has an everlasting fling. I bet that there are those of you out there that think I am either insane or sick, possibly both and that's ok by me. Horror, much like death has an underlying humor that intertwines in every show, movie and book. The legendary Stephen King has a gift for cooking up beautiful concoctions delivering this romantic pairing.

Who doesn't love a good horror flick?!?! I know I do and in a weird way not only do I find humor playing peek-a-boo throughout certain scenes, I also find the darker horrors somewhat relaxing in a hypnotizing way. Hey, to each their own.

Seriously, I know that some of you out there laugh in you head and pose a slight grin when you're watching a character open the door they shouldn't as they gallantly try to hide from whatever psychopathic murderer is on the hunt. In most cases, no matter what form of entertainment you're indulging into, one can guess even foresee how the plot lays out a few steps ahead. You know you've played that game. Plus, I think that the world of horror opens doors that one wouldn't normally walk through, entrances into endless possibilities that the world secretly holds. It truly takes a special type of mind to appreciate the world of horror. It's not everyone's game and that's ok. Just entertain the thought of sitting on a comfy couch with a bowl of spicy nacho Doritos, a refreshingly ice cold Dr. Pepper, lights out and watching a good ol' screamer flick. Near perfection... if there happens to be a thunder and rain storm pounding outside then we've got ourselves the perfect date night.

 God, just typing this blog makes me more and more stoked for October to arrive, not just because I already have plans set to go to Disneyland in mid Oct, but because I love Halloween! 31 days filled with dark creepiness, ghost and ghouls invisibly floating in the black cat sky and the magical horror. Who's with me? Fist bump to all my fellow slightly demented misfits. ;)

While hell may not always have it's fury, horror always has humor.



Published by Derra Sabo