What better way to celebrate a kid-free evening than to don used foggy goggles and shoot each other with rubber arrows?  I kid you not.  This was one of the best evenings I've ever had on a Friday night.  Planning an adult-only evening isn't easy, partly because of babysitting issues (not many people will step up to watch three kids so thank you, in-laws) and everyone's busy schedule, but the 9 o'clock slot suited the ten of us just fine.

          We arrived slightly earlier to fill out our forms (yes, there is liability involved...I know because I was shot in the face and ribs many times, ha ha) and to give the place the once over.  It's pretty far out of my usual Markham bubble, but we had enough time to make it there in North York.  Driving out there was a little worrisome at first because it seemed like it was in the middle of nowhere (you're just playing among storage warehouses).

         We were in awe at the wall full of Nerf guns and masks overflowing on the shelves.  There was a shelf full of dainty dishes, beer bottles, and knickknacks ready to be abused in the Rage Room.  There was a birthday party going on in another room so we checked out their lounge which was essentially a couch and some video games set up.  As our friends began to arrive, we ventured furthered into our playing room.

           We were introduced to our host, R, and she was a blast.  She taught us how to use our weapons and laid down the safety rules.  We all wore the optional chest protectors.  We all had wrist guards as well as masks.   The bows and arrows took a bit of getting used to for me (I used the 18 weight).  We spent the first half-hour aiming at dangling targets such as ducks and squirrels.  Finally we were ready to go into the arena for battle.

         R taught us several games including Infection and Capture the Flag.  It was essentially Archery Dodgeball.  We had decided before the evening to do Girls VS Boys and our girls held our own.  It was challenging to load our bows quickly before becoming victim to the opposing side.  The music they play is awesome too and really gets your heart racing.  I felt quite Katniss-like and my everyday braid added to that effect, I'm sure.  We had to figure out how to attack and defend our pylons.  There's not much space to hide in the arena despite the few blowup decor they had set up on both sides.  She even introduced us to the rubber axes so one game we ditched the bows and arrows for something a bit easier to handle.  I think by the end of it, we all could shoot faster and more accurately.  It was a wonderful active evening for sure.  I know my competitive side came out and I could totally understand how heated my students get when they play dodgeball during gym class.  I have to say that a few times, some people I shot did not take themselves "out" and reset.  I guess there are those out there even more competitive than I am.  :)   For the last game, we played stronger defense and managed a sneak attack to grab the boys' pylon first (I had previously been the runner, but was taken out each time).   Y and I both guarded our pylon with our lives and happy to say C ran in there and back with theirs!  VICTORY!  Girls rule!  LOL.

     It was definitely a great set-up and fun game.  Would love to do it again.  R was an awesome instructor and extremely patient with our questions, suggestions, and sarcastic comments.  Kudos to her for putting up with us and not shooting us in the back with an arrow.  I'm sure she was tempted.

      Check out Battle Sports for yourself and a group of friends you'd like to nail in the ribs.

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