I heard this asshole is gonna be in the club tonight. People at the entrance said he did come here but a while ago and I was just hoping,this time,this time he won’t get away from me. As I made my way through the sweaty crowd,I was already feeling lost. Crowd was morphing into a wave,sea of people,faces and just like the sea the whole place was filled with energy. Bright vivid lights and the blaring,blasting music.It was like a tribal ceremony,like savages gone wild,or sping break,yeah,more like spring break. As I kept going,I saw him!Sone of a bitch!That asshole is not getting away again. I got my gun out right there,right then.I took my aim,this was it,right in the head,say good night.

   People started screaming. For a second,I was confused as to why,what was happening?Oh yeah,I guess it’s my gun,whatever..I took the shot,it had to be done.I am not loosing him again!I shoot. He heard the screams,saw me and ducked. Are you kidding me?He started running for the fire exit. I bolted after him. Making my way against the crowd,panicking,rushing crowd. I will explain it all later,maybe. Not much for words,I got a job to do anyways.He left the building through that door, and he was on the street now. I won’t loose him.Having made my way to the door with the still smoking gun in hand,I smashed into it and was outside now. There you are! He thought I wouldn’t notice, you slippery shit. I guess his plan was to make me think like he ran down the road and maybe got into a car but nope,there he was climbing the fire escape towards the roof,nice try but I did see you. I took a couple of shots.He dodged. I can’t get the aim quite right,he keeps moving.All the iron bars and steps are in the way. I have to go after him.Fuck!

   I started going up the fire escape,rushing after him. Going higher and higher,I did feel a bit short of breath. I gotta get out more often I guess. Guys like this give me a headache.I hate running. Now almost at the top. He was on the roof now,he was off the stairs. What is he gonna do exactly?Make a leap?Hope the door is open?Good luck,you’re mine now you son of a bitch!...Now,on the roof,there he was. He was just standing there.I guess he finally admitted his defeat. Finally. I pointed the gun at him and told him to come to me,slow,no tricks. He slowly made his way towards me,we both on the roof and I got the gun,pointed at him too. Next,he was right next to me. I figured,a good hard punch to the face for making me run was in order. And then another one for making it difficult as is. And then another one,coz I spilled my coffee this morning and it was my favourite shirt. I told him to slowly make his way down the fire escape and it was a given,if he tried something,he gets the bullet in the head.

   Next thing I know,he turns to me,grabs me and pushes us both over the ledge and off the roof. We are in freefall.Why does he always make it difficult. I did say he was an asshole.

Published by Arthur Lepa