I'm sitting in the bathroom.
Staring at the floor.
There's so much on my mind, I'm scared it's going to spill out.

It's one of those days, when I'm randomly sad.
When I wish everything was normal.
When I wish I wasn't this way. Sigh

Whenever I hold I knife, I'm scared it's going to cut me.
And then when it does, what next? Do I throw it away?

It's deeper than I thought.
Carrying extra meds on me. Because I'm scared it'll be time.
And I won't yet be home.

My heart is beating harder these days.
Is it the inflammation going on?
My head is reeling from confusion.

I'm upset.
I need some encouragement.

I'm trying hard to breathe.
But my head is deeply submerged.
What is happening to me?

I'm hurting from within.

Published by Afro Poz