As my second music festival, I can’t stop but gush about it! This is unusual for me and I’m glad that I’m having this kind of experience to share with my brother. 


Hushfest is one of the many events of Hushconcerts. The Hushfest at Ocean Beach is a silent disco where they provided you with their event headset to be used while you’re there. The headphone features a channel control where you can totally choose whether the blue channel or the green one which both stations connected from the DJ’s booth. 


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Hush concerts were founded in San Francisco way back 1998, So it will be a total shame for me if I won’t be able to experience it since I’m from the neighborhood. This year performers were The Mad Professor, Karsh Kale, Martin Flex, Aaron Axelsen, J. Boogie, Motion Potion, Janaka Selekta, DJ Sep, DJ Icon & DJ Mancub. It’s the best deal you can get for twenty bucks with those artists who’ll spin the disc for your moves! 

Here’s a short recap video of the concert: 

click here for the video

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