Husky sledding in Riga is unique winter attraction that suits for all kind of people – for couples, friends,families, dog lovers, enthusiasts of winter activities and sports. If you want to try this activity with huskies in Riga, you don`t have to go somewhere far away from capital, but at the same you can see the countryside.

Historically sled dogs were important for transportation in arctic areas,they were used in the explorations of both poles and in Alaskan gold rush. Sled dog teams delivered mail in Alaska, were they are still used by some rural communities.

You've certainly seen the American adventure, comedy film “Snow Dogs” directed by Brian Levant or read the book “Winterdance: The Fine Madness of Running the Iditarod” written by Gary Paulsen – so this is your great opportunity to try all that is said in the book and the movie. And we guarantee, when you will try Riga husky dog sledding, you will feel like the movie star. Of course you will be able to meet snow dogs, to cuddle them and take a ride together. And if you are a dog lover too, you will go crazy, because those Husky dogs in Riga are amazing.

You will see, that teaching them to pull carts and sleds gives  them a purpose in life. Without such exercise, mental activity, and lots of companionship, those dogs can be incredibly destructive. Huskies in Riga will be happy to see you, to play with you and pull you threw the amazing Latvian forest, with one condition - if there is snow in Riga. This is reason why Riga husky dog sledding activity is quite an unpredictable. Lately the winter in Riga is warm, so you cannot always rely on the fact that there will be snow. If there is no snow in Riga, there is an option to ride with the dog carts, if you want to. Best months for Husky rent in Riga are from December to March. In summer months sledding is closed, because in warm weather snow dogs may overheat.

Maybe you've heard some myths about dogsledding, like - Sled Dog Race is cruel to the animals, Sled dogs are starved or don't get attention. We can say, it`s not truth, sled dogs get more attention than most house dogs, they spend days with their musher. Sled dogs are fed very well, because they must consume about 10,000 calories per race day. And about cruelty - dogs love the exercise, they are born to run and they are treated with care. Mostly mushers have a strong bond with their dog team, and would never hurt their dogs.

5 reasons why you should try Husky dogs sledge in Riga:

  1. Husky sledding is suitable for everyone - couples, friends, families or solo travellers. Husky sledding in Riga is one of the most popular winter activities among our guests and everyone who took this activity, admit that it`s worth to try!
  2. You will meet the real snow dogs, and this will be your chance to feel the taste of history, maybe you will experience the special bond between a musher and his pack.
  3. If you will book Huskies in Riga you will also see beautiful pine forests and countryside of Latvia, because this activity is about 25 kilometers from Riga. Great opportunity to escape the city, breathe the fresh air and clear your mind.
  4. This andventure will be good not only for you, but also for dogs. Without regular opportunities to vent their energy Huskies become robustious and bored – that they categorical by howling and damaging chew. So, they are waiting for you!
  5. No experience is required! You will get all the necessary safety instructions and be fully trained in mushing skills before setting off.

To feel comfortable during the Husky dog ride in Riga, for your clothing, we recommend you use the layer principle. Also you can take woollen socks, winter boots, gloves, hat and something to cover your face - scarf or Buff, and ski glasses or goggles to protect your eyes and improve vision.

“Red Fox tours” have a great offer for this activity, for groups up to 8 people. You just must book “Red Fox Tours” Husky adventure in Riga and thats it, they will take care of the rest. You will get great holiday plan and a 5 km long sledding ride through Latvian forests. Total duration of activity is 2 - 3 hours, including transfers.
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Published by Emily Rose