The heating and cooling system is an important component of any home. For instance, when the winter is approaching, you will definitely need these systems for comfort in your home. Likewise, during the summer—when the heat is extreme—you need something to cool your interiors. Thus, as a homeowner, you need to understand the systems and the best HVAC specialists you can trust when it comes to installation.  Even more, you need to know the HVAC system that suits your home. The following are common types of home HVAC systems.

The HVAC system is an electrical component that is responsible for heating, ventilating, and as well as air conditioning your home. The system ensures that your indoor environment is comfortable. There are 5 types of HVAC systems. They include:

Heating Air Split Systems

With the heating air conditioning split-based system, you have an HVAC system that has an outdoor unit that houses a separate furnace or a heat pump. The furnace connects with the outdoor unit. Alternatively, the heat pump can also be connected with the indoor unit. The unit is ideal for those who don’t have an air conditioner but their home has been installed with a furnace. The split system is cost-effective and efficient.

Hybrid System

Another important heat pump is hybrid heating as well as the cooling system. Powered by electricity, the heat pump is used alongside the furnace to burn natural gas or fuel oil. These systems tend to work in reverse when it comes to efficiently heat your home. It’s also important to note that the temperature must be above 40 degrees. Otherwise, the efficiency of the pump will go down.

Ductless Mini Split-Based Heat Pump

Ductless mini-split pumps are ideal in spaces where conventional ducted systems cannot be used. Also, they can perfectly complement the other types of HVAC systems. The good thing is that you can install any number of systems in your home. So, if your home is divided into 4 zones, you can install 4 systems in your home for heating and cooling purposes.

Packaged Heating System

With this system, you have an HVAC solution that comes with a compressor, condenser, as well as evaporator in a single unit. The system is ideal for homes or offices that don’t have enough space for all these components. In other cases. They can be used in smaller commercial buildings. In most cases, they may include an electric coil and a furnace. The HVAC system includes the following components:

  • An air conditioner/heat pump

  • A working control interface( also known as a thermostat)

  •  Air quality improving devices

 The Bottom-Line

It’s important to understand the basic functioning of an HVAC system—especially if you want it to serve you for years. In particular, you need to understand the different types of system on the market. The above are common types of HVAC systems you can purchase on the market today. From heating air conditioning split-based system to packaged heating system—these are the systems that will make your interiors comfortable. 


Published by Lavismichel Inkel