The journey between Dubai and Abu Dhabi is 99 miles which usually takes two hours by car  but now thanks to hyperloop you will be able to travel those 99 miles in just 12 minutes.

Hyperloop One are partnering with Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and announces its first commercial hyperloop transportation system from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Last August H1 co-founder Shervin Pishevar hinted the first hyperloop would be built overseas and the company announced in October it received $50 million in funding from DP World Group of Dubai, the third-largest ports operator in the world, to build a hyperloop system to move cargo throughout the country and the world. 


Thanks to Hyperloop One, company also released an original design concept for the portals and pods that would take passengers from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in H1’s autonomous transportation system.

Here is the video of design :

Via : TechnoLife

Published by Jay Patel