You now I used to care deeply about how others saw me. I used to try to please everyone. In the end you know who I was making happy? I was making others happy. In the end you know was wasn't happy? I wasn't happy. It took me almost 25 years to figure this out. I wanted to be everyone's friend. I wanted to make everyone happy. I finally learned that simply isn't reality.

Why should I care about everyone else being happy. Sure I want to be friends with everyone, I have a big heart, and people judged me for that! Can you believe it?! I thought there was something wrong with me because I always welcomed everyone in and treated them as if I had always known them. I kept my heart open and I got hurt a lot. I always tried to give people the benefit of the doubt. I still have kept my heart open but now I am a little bit more safe.

I was so scared of being judged or looked down on. I was so scared to figure out why I was feeling the way I was. I let myself become a completely different person and when I looked in the mirror I didn't know who I was. I stopped caring about myself. I went down a pretty rough road. When I did go down this road I was judged even more, bullied, and so much more. This was done by adults! This was done by adults that have children! This was done by people I knew! I used to believe everything that was said about me. I used to think "Man these people are right." that is UNTIL I opened up about the situation to my therapist and hearing what I thought out loud, sounded crazy to me. Why am I believing what these nasty people are saying about me? Every single person that decided to bully and judge me were not in my shoes. They didn't know what I was battling but neither did I at the time. Then I was shown this:ec7e6b5257f03510659e8009bca16f59

Some of these people judging me had children. I thought "what would their children think if they saw how their parents were acting, a grown adult!" I thought "what would their children think when their parents preach about not bullying and yet they are grown adults bullying an adult from stories they hear and not being in that persons shoes or knowing the whole story." Sure I thought about writing and exposing all the lies but why do that? What would that solve? That would just add fuel to the fire and people will still believe what they want to about it, no matter the truth. I saved everything. One day I will show my kids when/if they are ever bullied and show them how I was. Then they will see if I can get through it so can they. I will give them the best advice that I can. 98ee1f7a62eeaca330938001c49440ee

To the parents who were apart of this, when/if your children see what you did they will learn and follow your example instead of your advice. They will not listen to your advice when you yourself do not take it.

If you were or are being bullied contact me and I will help you get past this. If you are a bully reading this. You have no idea what your "words" can do. How much harm they can cause. Do you know bullying is the number once cause for Suicide? What if I was your child, how would you feel if someone or even you did to me, happened to your child. What if hat you did to me happened to you? You aren't perfect, you have a past, you have made why are you better then me? Why do you hate someone so much to consume so much evil inside of you for that person? How can you hate someone that much? Think about it. It's never too late to apologize. It's never too late to change. It's never too late to make a difference. Remember the internet is forever...what if one day your kids saw what you did? How would you explain that it was ok to do, that bullying was ok? Nothing is anonymous online either, it can always be tracked down.

I still have my bad days but I have become so much stronger then who I was!

Someone told you a story and you thought it was true so you continued to spread the story? There are two sides to every story, sometimes three! Remember the telephone game...a story always changes a million times. People will make up portions of the story for many sad reasons. Do not believe everything you hear or read. slide_5.jpg

Published by Cassandra Workman