I almost became a Muslim.

It all started with a cute Egyptian guy in Zoology class. He was good-looking. With olive skin and green eyes that twinkled back at you when you looked at them. He was every girl's fantasy, mine included. I wanted him to be my boyfriend. So of course, I was more than happy when he became my lab partner. I tried to hide the glee in my face, to appear as if I didn't want him at all, to play hard to get. So let's see where this goes.

Everyone, and my friends too, thought he  was conceited and selfish, that Mr. Egyptian only looked for his own interests. But that was not what I thought. Secretly, I chatted with Mr. Egyptian on Facebook. Never mind he was Muslim or that I was Christian. We talked of so many things. I was falling.

My classmates didn't understand. His mother is dead, he hates his stepmother and he has a younger stepbrother. Then we got to talk about sex and romance. He said he didn't want a girlfriend, no not yet, but maybe in the near future. Just not now. What he said next were plus points for me: All my friends giving me girls; two, three beautiful girls to have sex with, but I don't want to have sex yet. She has to be the right girl.

I didn't care if it was true or not. It definitely made forgetting him harder.

The fairytale ends shortly after he takes me out in an Arab restaurant where he ordered Arab food for me. Which  I forgot the name, but was delicious anyway. I told a couple of friends I went out with him, and soon the entire school has heard. Which made him go berserk, and saying, I hate you, I hate you while he smiled through his teeth.

I really did thought of converting to Islam when I met him. Until today, I look at Muslim women with their head coverings, and say, "I could have been that.' Then I remember him. Hamdy. That was his name.

At the time, I thought he really hated me. But now, I'm starting to wonder. He said, "I hate you," in a joking manner, and he was smiling like he was hiding a secret. One time in the cafeteria, he pointed to a Muslim girl who according to him, converted to Islam because she and her Muslim boyfriend were getting married after graduation. What does this all mean? Was he perhaps telling me something, that he likes me, in the subtle way that he knows?


I'm still flirting with the name, but Hamdy is gone.


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Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo