I am a peach;

So soft and sweet on the outside

With a pit that will break

Your tooth and leave a bitter taste in your bleeding mouth

But you keep coming back because of

The decadent, gentle flavor that

You just can’t forget


I am a siren;

My voice so beautiful and promising

Until it leaves you

Dead and bloodied on

The jagged rocks

I call my home in

A scene almost as ugly as I


I am the yellow jasmine;

A pretty, delicate flower -

Poison in disguise as

A natural and fragrant beauty

That you just might be

Foolish enough to

Pluck from the dirt


I am a woman;

My voice may shake when I speak but

It is strong and

If you pay attention you can hear

The cry of generations before me

In every word

So listen closely and

Be afraid of the centuries old storm which

Churns in my stomach,

Waiting for the perfect opportunity to

Rip your world apart

Published by Jasmine Uitto