I am a feminist. A strong feminist. Many of my friends and family sometimes think I am too passionate about it. I like my hair short instead of long, have always held a job, hate the sexualization of women's bodies, and believe that men and women should be treated equally in society on subjects that range from work to their right to choose how their body is treated. I stand up for these, and many other things, on a daily basis. 

I work from home, and am finishing my degree from home, as well. So, recently, after looking at my life, I made a decision that is shocking to some people, as it is one I had avoided for years. I am now taking on the role and title of "housewife". 

I am spending a good portion of my day cleaning the house to give it a homey atmosphere and cooking homemade meals for my husband, making sure they are ready when he gets home from his long day at work. I am even dressing up a little bit for him. 

However, this doesn't make me any less of a feminist, and shouldn't shock people as much as it seems to. Here is why: 

As a feminist I stand up for women's rights in all areas of their lives. And this includes a choice in their job, who they are in their relationship, and what they do with their time. My husband didn't ask me to do this, and I am not doing it because I feel obligated to. I still have my writing, and a home business, on top of my college classes. I am doing it because I looked around at our messy house, and his tired face after working since 6 AM, and I felt like there was more I could do. 

He is a soldier, and he works long hours at a stressful job in order to take care of us. Out of my love for him, and my love for our family, I am treating the house, the place where I work, as part of my job. Out of my love for my husband, I think he deserves a place to feel rested and comfortable, and one less thing to worry about in his day. 

It gives me a happy, stress-free atmosphere to work in as well, so it benefits the both of us. 

Let me make this clear: you can be a housewife, and a feminist. 

If we are truly trying to stop the oppression on women from living their lives and making their own choices, we have to stop oppressing ALL WOMEN. Business women, military women, and housewives alike. 

Published by K. J. Cordova