I am here, confidence, strength, proud. 

But wait, who is this? oh 

its gone. what ever happened? Taken within seconds.

without realisation, without defences... why

You trusted him its your fault

You choose to do this to yourself, it is not his fault

He said he loved you.

He said it is because you weren't like her

But you love him, make it right

You aren't her

You aren't good enough

Keep trying

He may change his mind when he see your efforts

Wait now your shoes and bank card are gone

You can't go to sixth form without shoes or money

Where could I have placed it?

He didn't take it. he said so himself. 

He wouldn't lie. He LOVES you.

Stupid fat girl forgetting things.

Don't eat today you're better than that. 

He will love you more. 

3 stone down.

Where is the difference?



'Who else is going to love you, look at you?'

He is right. 

Look at you. 


You will never know love again without him. 

I am doing this for me, not him


I'm good I know what domestic violence is...

This is not it. 

 I am in control.

Just need to show him that I am trying

He will stop this

He says he is sorry all the time

I believe him 

He wouldn't hurt me on purpose

He loves me....


Published by Katy-Jane Pitt