I am different, i guess you are asking me how; this are the facts that i want to pass across to you.

  1. The fact that everybody is going through a particular challenge does not mean you will also pass through it.
  2. The fact that you are going through a south road does not mean i must also go through the same road,don't forget that even twins don't have the same character.

i am different because my success and future mentality is different; do you believe that out of all the children of jesse Only DAVID case was different; out of all the mighty and hefty men of jesse only DAVID case was distinguished and his case was different to the extent that he was been searched for while he was in the bush.

Do you believe that if 200 students partake in a particular exam in the same exam centre 199 can fail and 1 can pass, listen The fact that everybody in your place of work is been sacked means you will also be sacked My dear YOUR case is different. The fact that you graduated from an unrecognized university or polytechnic does not mean those went to the best and civilized school will get a job before you


My dear, listen the fact that you have a result and everybody tells you is fake does not mean you will not make it. Wake up from slumber, don't allow anybody to weigh you d=or your destiny down. if you tell me i have a fake certificate or i went to an unrecognized institution, My answer is thank you,My heavenly father who gave me the grace and grant me the priviledge to attend there and graduated DID not tell me i won;t make it in life

Published by Ayoade John