"I am different"
Be the real  you and not a photocopy of someone else.you are one of a kind,the only you in history who had been,and who will ever exist. There can never be anyone else like you in history that will possess your exact set of personalities, abilities, talents and appearance. (You're one of a kind)you may find out that everyone else is going the same direction but always know that you are different from them.
Also,never compare yourself with others.For the fact that you are not making it today and others are succeeding doesn't mean that is how u will end, maybe God is preparing the best order for you but all he wants to see as how patient you are.if you wait in the Lord, you shall be strong and you shall do exploits , this doesn't imply just fasting and praying but also to hold on to God and what you have now.Remember better the end of a thing than the beginning thereof . so,irrespective of where you are today just know you are different and unique that is why you must not have everything as others.Don't allow the devil to brainwash you with lies from the pit of hell.always have that mentality that you are special and unique.always tell yourself ,,"I AM THE BEST OF MY GENERATION",,"I AM DIFFERENT"

Published by Ayoade John