So I will admit I have been a lazy ass when it comes to writing lately. I have a million things to say, as I usually do, but have not wanted to take the time to formulate these thoughts into sentences. Why write when you can park your ass on the couch, after work, and watch so much TV that it should be considered a crime?

Well, as much as I would love to make excuses as to why I am too busy to write they all are just that…excuses. But don’t worry folks, I’m back by popular demand and by popular demand I mean the four people in my life that know if they don’t consistently read my blog, they will be dead to me. I’m only kidding! It’s actually up to about fifteen people who know if they don’t read my blog they will be dead to me. Any who, that’s for them to worry about not you.

Now to the point of this particular post: being grateful. As cheesy and annoying as this sounds, I am one grateful chick. I really am. I didn’t always used to be like this though. I used to be a complaining, whiny biotch when things didn’t go perfectly (just for the record I still can be like that, it just so happens that it doesn’t rear its ugly head all the time).


Why am I so grateful? Because why the fuck not? Life is so short and let me tell you it goes by way too fast. Why not enjoy all that it has to offer? The good, the bad, the happy and the sad. Embrace it all and be grateful. Just be grateful, ya little shit! In all honesty, I have found that when I choose to be grateful I am usually happier in life.

Right now I am grateful that I am taking the time to do some writing and share my thoughts with you all (“all” really means the fifteen people who I have threatened to read this blog).

I would love to hear what you are grateful for today! What went right today?

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