I know what you're thinking, "When are these women going to stop bitching about resting bitch face?" Here is your answer: never.  Do you want to know why? Because I am so much more than the formation and appearance of my face, and I am tired of people telling me to smile. It started in high school, "You always look ​so ​mad"  "Are you never happy??"  "Why do you look like a bitch all the time?". I used to easily brush it off with a casual statement of "It's just my face!!! hehehe" but I am ​so over the sigma.

Last weekend I met up with my best friend and over conversation we discovered we both knew a random guy on campus (whom I was only an acquaintance with). This guy asked her where she was from and after telling him, he said he only knows one person from the area which is my boyfriend...so that's how my name came into play. He then discovered she was my best friend (and hello, best friends tell each other everything) and told her I always seem super pissed and unhappy. I am so much more.

I am creative, I am down-to-earth, I am soft spoken, I am nice, I am open, I am intelligent, I am happy. It is so saddening how quick some are to jump to assumptions about other human beings without getting to know their stories and souls. My bitch face is not a bitch face, it is simply me fucking enjoying life.

Published by Megan Kapple