April 2011. After a week and a half in hospital and lots of steroids, mesalazine, pain relief and intravenous iron, I have avoided surgery and on the long road to recovery. I say I'm one of the lucky ones because for some people, the meds that worked for me don't always work. I am so grateful for that. I was allowed home on a high dose of steroids, mesalazine (which I will be on for life), pain relief and calcium. I'd lost 1 1/2 stone in weight so desperately needed to get some food down me. I kept a food and crap diary... no really. The one I had to fill in whilst in hospital had pictures and everything! I strongly recommend to anyone newly diagnosed or relapsing to keep a food/crap diary. It will help you cut out things your stomach can't tolerate at the moment.  Yours doesn't necessarily have to have pictures, unless you fancy a doodle!

I was on a very bland diet of chicken and rice for about a month, plain boiled chicken and rice, with the occasional soup. Nice.
Everything I tried to introduce just caused me pain, but eventually I was able to slowly introduce new foods and drinks with little/no pain. The meds were working.
I may have been feeling better UC wise, but I experienced some disturbing side effects when on the high dose of steroids. I was paranoid, hallucinating, light-headed, depressed and got the infamous "moon-face". Seriously, I looked like a lollipop I had lost that much weight and had a giant face! I felt awful in myself. Thankfully as the weeks went by and my dose reduced, the side effects subsided. Again, lucky.

Published by Elle Quinn