One of the greatest feelings for anyone is the enduring term, "I am proud of you."  Usually, the satisfaction of this phrase is because it came from a loved one, good friend, family, or an employer.  The simple 5 words echo so much more.  It echoes in our mind, in our souls, for a period of time - or even a life time.  Experiencing this gives me such joy! Recently, we purchased our first brand new car and it was an amazing feeling getting the banks approval.  Then, I heard those 5 words multiple times from my mother.  It was amazing!  I say it all the time to my Other because he's a hard worker and I know he gets excited hearing it.  The same way that I do... It's said to all of us, for some reason or another, but it hits us all the same, all in the same place...the heart...When's the last time you told someone you were proud of them? 

Published by Domenique Everett