Something to think about. 
I Am Sending You 
21 Again Jesus said, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” John 20:21
Purpose,  it is something we yearn for until we find it. When we find it, we wonder why it was so hard to find? "I am sending you" spoken by the resurrected Christ. It brings with it an authority unequal in humanities experience. These four words resound throughout history. These four words changed the history of man. They define the purpose for which we live. It is what we are to do. The risen Christ is sending not only His original disciples, but He is sending us as well.
The authority with which He sends us is not just the power of Jesus it comes from the Father through Him to us. He is not just sending us He is empowering us with the authority of God the Father. It is not just a command it is a responsibility. It is the purpose, the underlying cornerstone of motivation for our lives. It is what will push us forward to bring meaning to our lives. 
Our lives were meant to be more than acquisition, personal accomplishments or the rise a to power. They are meant for so much more. Our lives were made to share in the glory of God the creator of the universe and to live a life of complete victory. We were always intended to be children of the one and only true King. Less anyone be confused if you are living the life God has in store for you. There is nowhere you can be where the glory of God will not be. Whatever God touches is glorified, because he is glorious. 
"I am sending you" let those words embed themselves in your heart, mind, and soul. Accept the purpose and meaning for your life. Receive the Glory that is inseparable from the command. Do what our Lord has commanded with the gifts He has given you and live the life He has promised you. If you go, the Glory of God will be with you. 

Published by Ruben Figueroa