I am sorry for all the pain I caused and all the bad flashbacks I caused in people. I am truly sorry for being hellish at times. I am sorry for being a heartless son of a bitch and not caring when I should of. I am sorry for writing all those nasty things to my girlfriend and to my mother, they truly did not deserve it. I am also truly sorry for being so negative and making tons of bad life choices.

I did a lot of bad shit that when in the moment you think are totally justifiable. Then when I think back to it , no one deserves to be treated disrespectfully or like dirt, no matter how bad of a person they are. People deserve to be treated respectfully and bad people just need to be avoided like the plague. I know it is already a broken record and I truly am sorry for all the shit I put people through in my life. I want to use my power for good and not evil in this world.

May the lord forgive me because I truly am fed up with conflict and arguing, and would like to start fresh but this time for good. The pain is unbearable, I must have been a pretty shitty person and done some really bad things. I hope the lord forgives me for my sins and leads me to a happier place.

I truly am sorry for being a bad boyfriend at times and a demon child on occasion. I am sorry for abandoning my girlfriend and not being there for her when she needed me the most. I truly am sorry for not having my priorities straight and leeching off others financially for so many years. For all of this I am truly sorry . May god forgive my sins and forgive me. May he also release me from my bondage and set me free from all this guilt I have inside of me. I hope to be a better person in the future and lead a life of purity.

May the people I have hurt have there wounds heal and know that I did not do the bad deeds intentionally and if I had of known better I would have done better. Forgive me lord for my ignorance and stupidity , I really do wish to make things better in my life. In Jesus name Amen.

Published by James Jantzen