ShyTalkLee is new and improved, have you seen it? I spent 2 days improving it, what do you think? Whenever there’s changes to the sites that means I’m going through something. I hate dealing with bullshit, it clouds my mind and drives me insane. Despite all the drama in my life these past few days, I think that’s all come to an end now that I ended that chapter of my life for the 100th time. I’d hate for that bullshit to follow me into 2017, I don’t have time for anyone’s insecurities. I don’t understand how one can claim to need me, but then act as if they got it, so what the fck you reaching out to me for? Say they love me but can turn around and say they hate me, but it’s okay. You’re going to end up hating a lot of people because you’re just a hateful person who hates yourself.

    Anywho, I got a problem with these CHEAPASSHOES in Virginia Beach. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING? I shouldn’t have to drop my prices because you hate yourself more than you love your daddy, stupid. All I’ve been seeing is 70, 60 & 50’s. Some hoe shocked me and had 45 special, like really hoe? Her telly was popping this morning, smh! I told someone the other day I was surprised they even called me with all the ass and titties posted at cheap prices, but he said it’s my pretty face that caught his attention.

    I do things differently but that’s because I am different. I’m probably the only one not showing all my goods, most of my pics are actual pictures that you’d see on my facebook or something. Someone just told me I’m wifey material and I hear that a lot but sadly I’m not. Well, I am but I’m who you marry when you’re done being a hoe and actually ready to be a MAN! Smh, let’s not forget I am a wife…..

I think it’s time for another video blog, what yall think? What should I talk about?

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