I guess we all at least once or twice got into situations in life where some period in our living wasn't exactly how we wanted (or maybe expected). 
In life you have indeed ups and downs, the ups where you wanna live forever and downs where you don't want to relive again. It all started somewhere around middle school time, where some people were bullied. This is the time when the situation gets a little twisted - half of them told it to a teacher and allowed themselves to be free (at some point- at least they've tried) and of course the other half that didn't say a word, simply had their mouth shut till the salvation came at very very end of middle school experience.

Well yes, this happens and we all know it, even though there are people who willingly close their eyes in front of it, but this is for some other topic.
That kind of people, who were taught to fight for themselves, not letting anybody hurt them no more, became strong people. 


They've been raised in conditions where nobody gave them anything for free, just like that. They became that strong to take care of them, to get rid of the bad and accepting and receiving only the good, which happened to be the most important goal in their life - to get something that is really worth.
Yea, even there are some obstacles in their way, with no hesitation, they managed themselves to skip all of them and continuing on their path.
They might experienced hard times in their life, people tried to turn them down, people hated them for some freaking reason (or unknown?), but they didn't let them (and also never will).

People that don't even know how strong they are? After some time, after their success or downfalls, those people will realize their strenght and after those happenings learn how to control their strong personality to not to be sad ever again.
Those people will be able to make something big even though society won't particularly like it, people will catch the heavy bricks and throw it all on them, but guess what, those people will manage to stand on their own feet, catch them all into the bag and build a wonderful castle out of it.

Well, if you didn't find yourself in those sentences don't be sad it's just not the right time for you yet. You need to age up a little, go through things you are supposed to go through and you'll certainly get there.


Somewhere, where you'll feel comfortable in your own skin, feeling stronger than ever before.
Just wait a little.

Nina ∞ 


Published by Nina S