Last night, I had a dream.

I was walking with some friends inside an apartment complex. We passed by a door and heard yelling from inside. For some reason, we immediately knew that children were in danger. One of my friends tried knocking on the door to get the kids to come out. I saw little hope in getting them out of the apartment by simply knocking, so I found an open window and started to tell them about Jesus. It seemed like none of them had heard of the name of Jesus before, so I started from the beginning; telling them about how God made the earth and humankind, but then humankind sinned.

As I told them the Gospel in the best way I knew how, and told them how Jesus stepped in to save His lost creation, they seemed to not listen to a word; they were playing and looking in every direction, except toward me. Their parents yelling in the background, and knowing they were trapped in that environment, did not seem to concern them at all. They didn’t want to listen to a story about hope and salvation; the story of a God Who loves them.

After I woke up, I tried to think of ways I could share the Gospel more effectively to those who have never heard the name of Jesus. And I am still working on that challenge in my head, but I realize that, no matter how well I share the Gospel, it is the Holy Spirit that gives understanding and conviction.

I could not save the kids in my dream; I could only tell them where salvation comes from. I cannot save anyone who is lost and trapped; I can only share with them the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Every soul is faced with a choice; either they consider the danger they’re in and open the door or they ignore the problem. A soul locked inside a godless house will suffer abuse and a sad end decided by the master of the house. And if Jesus is not the master of the house, then Satan is.

I may still learn more from this dream, but that is all I have for now.

Sleep well, dream big, and listen when God is teaching and leading.

Speak, LORD, for Thy servant heareth. (1 Samuel 3:9-10)


Originally posted on Blind Insanity

Published by Sarah JoAnna