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I will never not be amazed by our history!


Moundville Archaeological Park is a 300 acre park where the Mississippian Indians, also known as Moundville people, used to live. My husband and I arrived around 10:40 a.m. As you are driving in, the visitor center is to your right. It’s only $8 for adults. They also have a 12 minute informative video to watch. John and I didn’t watch it, but I recommend it. Why not I say?! 


^ This the mound to the left, that's me standing in front of it. It's huge! Yeah I walked up this mound. You are not supposed to do that. 

When we started our journey, we decided to walk and drive. There are points listed on the map from A-J. Really the journey starts when you hit point D, the Chieftain’s Mound! Before we walked up to the Chieftain’s home, there is a mound to the left. It is mound A. We made our way to it and walked up! Yikes! Let me make it very clear! You are not supposed to walk up the mounds that do not have stairs! So DO NOT do it. Let’s obey the rules and help keep the park preserved! So basically it tells you on your map not to walk up the mounds with no stairs, mostly due to safety reasons! John tried to tell me, but I didn’t listen… I am a rebel! Okay I was a rebel without realizing it! Oops!

Back to the Chieftain's Mound! This is where the Chieftain lived and it is the tallest of the mounds! Beware it is extremely hot when you make it to the top! There is a little building at the top, but it was closed. I believe it’s sort of a model home and you can normally go in there. This is an excellent spot to look at the overall park. (But I think all the mounds are! haha) moundville-20

^This is the Chieftans mound.

We also walked the Douglass Nature Trail right beside the Chieftains home! The boardwalks take you out beside the Warrior River. Also, be careful some of the boardwalks are “under construction”.  

Next up we stopped at the museum! It is amazing being surrounded by all these artifacts that these “ancient” people made. The giftshop and cafe is connected to the museum. The cafe has only coffee and snack related food. No real food, but good news, your wristband allows you to leave and come back if you need to run and get lunch!


^This is the museum. 

So call me a sucker! But the one thing I always buy as a souvenir is my patch. They also have some incredible Native American made stuff! We also bought some fudge and a jerky stick. John needed a little snack while we were there. Out back from the museum is another mound with staircases, you can really see the park good from here. There are also view finders to look out over all the other mounds.

Next up we made our way to the model village. There are buildings that you go inside to see little set ups of how the Native Americans lived. It also takes you right beside the Black Warrior River where you have a very good view it. That was basically the last thing you see. The next thing on the way out is the campground area! Yes you can camp there! We were at this park for almost three hours. Two hours and forty minutes to be exact! It was hot. So be mindful of the season when you go! We also did a self tour. Guided tours I do believe you have to reserve!

This place was pretty amazing! I highly suggest going. If you love history and walking, this is the place to go!

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