i can't look in your eyes they are not what they once were no friendship reflects from them did it ever?

it's hard to breathe the same air as yours i must remind myself that i must or else perish but somehow i wish for you to know this feeling

no air no one just me just these thoughts just these tears which will not fall after all your words were probably not even yours

just a passing fancy this friendship like a dress you wear once then return i am sorry no one told me i was the wrong size color age no one

no one told me to be wary of you

except you did with your words your actions your every snide remark i should have seen them for the warnings they were

you weren't born with thorns you chose to speak with barbed tongue you chose the knife you chose this noose of mine it won't be me

and just as you told me this morning you can go you don't have to stay but i won't wait for you to depart i will just let myself out and go

people always leave this time i will go

Published by Agnes S Kamalnath