Final Thoughts: 

   Let me start by explain why I even wanted these braids. I’ve been obsessed with grey and pastel coloured hair. In fact, I wanted violate to grey ombre hair but I wasn’t sure how the colour would suit me or if I’d get sick of the colour. Though the braids I ended up with were a solid grey silver colour, I absolutely loved it. I felt like the colour suited me like no other. It just felt right. 

   The best thing I got from the braids is that I now know without a doubt that I love the grey hair and I am invested in getting it died. So not a total loss. I also tried something new. It didn’t work out for me but it was a nice experience. 

   I always knew the hair would be an adjustment. I knew it would be heavy and there would be some discomfort at first, but I severally underestimated just how much of an adjustment it was going to be. My neck was just not prepared for it. A few years ago, I was in a car accident and my neck still hasn’t fully recovered which became abundantly clear during this process. In other words, I did not sign up for the pain I went through. I was prepared for some but not the amount I went through. I’m a wimp, I’ll admit it. 

   In the end, it was itchy, it hurt, and it was heavy, but I would try them again in the future. I will need to train up my neck muscles a wee bit but I am totally up for it again in the future. I have so much admiration for the people who last longer than I did. It’s a highly underrated talent. 



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