I'm so sick of seeing this picture. So bloody sick.

People who dogear books aren't monsters. A book that's dogeared isn't disrespected. It's well loved. You want to use a bookmark? Go right ahead. You want to dogear? Be my guest. But don't you dare look down on those who don't bookmark a book the way you choose to. I dogear and highlight and use receipts and (clean) candy wrappers and my phone and a pencil and a pen and a phone charger and old exam papers and happy tears and sad tears and whatever the hell I want as bookmarks. It's not your bloody right to call me a monster. I don't care for pristine books and uncracked spines. I don't want to see a neglected book, a book that's not read and loved and read over and over again. I want to see the owner's story when I look at a book. I want to see the book thick with the pieces of themselves they left inside. 

Published by Jinan H