I literally cannot tell you the amount of times I’ve been called out of my name by a guy who approached me and said, “Yo ma, you looking good today.”  To me, that’s not a compliment.  It sexualizes me, and makes me feel exposed and uncomfortable.  

My usual response is to say that I’m not interested.  And because of my lack of interest, a hurt ego proceeds to hurt mine because I wouldn’t give him more than 10 seconds of my day.

Guys, let me just tell you… A girl does not owe you a conversation.  A girl does not owe you eye contact.  A girl does not owe you her phone number.  A girl does not owe you anything.

Yes, you manned up some courage to talk to her, but just because you’re interested in her doesn’t mean the attraction will be reciprocated.  While we appreciate the “compliment” and the fact that you took the time to strike a conversation, we simply may not be interested.  

There is a 50/50 chance that the girl you approach may either accept you, or reject you.  You hurt your case even more when you begin to call us profanities because your ego is bruised.

When you call a woman that other word for a female dog because she doesn’t want to waste her time on a pointless conversation, you look weak.  We know we threatened your ego so you resorted to calling us profanities.  But if you ever had a chance of us being open to a conversation, you lost it with calling us that five lettered word.

Rejection does hurt, but you have to learn to take it gracefully and move on.  You’ll run into plenty of other women who may give you more than a few seconds of her day, but that’s the point, there’s other women.

I can also guarantee you that if you take the rejection politely, and simply say “I understand, have a good day, beautiful,” she would second guess rejecting you and probably follow after you and give you her number.



Published by Morgan Austin