I had a dream about you last night.

You were driving your beat-up truck, stick shift, and smiling at me like the first day we met. You were picking me up from school, I had finally registered for college courses and you were surprising me with taking me out to a celebratory dinner. There was a small bag of chocolate chip cookies in the front seat.

“Eli is testing out a new recipe and will be giving us some cookies for awhile,” you laughed. Your laugh always had a way about it that made everyone else around you smile. Your eyes sparkled as we laughed, driving down the interstate; after shifting gears you put your hand on my leg and it stays there.

But that’s when I wake up.

My breath is shortened, whether from the altitude change or the dream I may not know, I’m sweating, and my heart is beating just a little too fast. I smile at first and then the tears start to fall. The dream was a representation of what should have been happening right now.

I have traveled across the country to Alaska and am now residing in Colorado. My time away was kickstarted by your lies but this dream took me back to the hopes I once had.

While I know that this is a dream that I may have again, I don’t want to experience the same aftereffects as before.

You will always be a haunting memory, something that lingers in the back of my mind with every negative reaction I have with a guy, every time I flinch at his touch it’ll be because of you.

Published by Nicole Clement