My computer died last week. The hard drive was fucked, and I found myself staring at the black screen of death. Just to make sure of this, I called tech support, they did their thing and confirmed the worst. I had been anticipating this, since my computer was an older machine, relatively speaking. It  had been glitchy for some time, esp. after I gave in to the wheedling obnoxious and persistent demonic voice of Microsoft and  installed the update of Win10. My PC and I were both perfectly happy with Win7, and I had every intention of ignoring the FREE update but hit WRONG key when the evil box appeared yet again....and ended up with Win10.  Everything was fine for maybe a week, then the Troubles started. My browsers developed infuriating twitches and crashed like the Great Depression had hit. I'd call tech support, spend hours on the phone, be assured the problem was resolved, only to have it recur the next day. Finally an astute (or honest) tech told me that I was running Win10 on a system that was not intended for it. Well, yeah. I had figured that was part of the problem. But it was a little too late to do anything about it at this point. The damage was done; the horse had run; use whatever cliché comes to mind. Suffice to say, I knew the end was nigh; I was hoping, though, that the PC would last until I relocated in several months, just b/c I'm OCD and like everything tidy. But time and tech conspired to foil that plan.  I had Dell build me a sweet new machine with all the bells and whistles I had been wanting, down to the color. (What, you didn't I'd buy something cheap off the shelf from some big-box store, did you ?) It took about a week, so I had to spend that time WITHOUT A PC with only my smartphone! And I have discovered that a smartphone is NOT very smart, that is, it is no replacement for a PC. Here are some of the things I COULDN'T do on my smartphone: blog: amend an eBay listing; post reviews on sites; navigate around sites except in very restricted ways; empty my mailbox. I'm old enough to remember (before PCs were even around) when phones were constricted by landlines, and after this experience I found myself missing my old landline! Had the zombie apocalypse actually occurred, I probably would have used the smartphone for a weapon, and trust me, my aim is NOT that good. I'm far more accurate online. I'm comfortable with a computer and fairly geeky, but phones just drive me nuts. I often leave mine at home when I go out, simply b/c I refuse to be tethered to it-though I will take my laptop! Anyway, my PC has arrived-a wonderful little machine (thanks, Dell!), so I'm here, finally, and I survived !

Published by Kel Basav