I’m not a professional writer. Actually, writing is not my thing because if there is something I am not good at, it is expressing my emotion through the use of a thousand words. It just so happened that I really want to share my incredible experiences. I did not expect that I’m going to love these things. I never thought that they are going to give me so much happiness. These things made me into someone, ahmmm, let’s just say “Awesome!” (yeah! you read it right! Lol)

We are all awesome in our own unique way. I really don’t mind what other people would say as long as it is going to make me happy (of course considering that it is moral and right).

As the year 2015 was about to end, let me share how wonderful it was for me.

It all started with our Palawan escapade with college friends. It was June of 2015 when we roved the islands of El Nido. The moment I stepped on the island, I can definitely say that it is an example of nature at its best. The breathtaking sceneries, amazing people, and the mouth-watering food are among the things that I will always remember. This place which is one of the world’s top destinations for travelers will surely capture your heart.


El Nido, Palawan (photo credit: Anna Remelea Bobadilla)

I was not an outgoing person and outdoor activities were not my cup of tea. But there came a time that I told myself that I am still young, energetic, and full of crazy things in mind. I should try doing extraordinary things that would make me feel free and alive. After a month of our Palawan trip, it was August 2015 when all of a sudden a mountain hike popped out inside my head.

During that time, I was amazed with ate Cladys’ adventures (one of my ates during Glee Club days.You may check her Instagram posts at @kladeezia.) She is indeed a small lady with a heart of an Amazon Warrior. I was fascinated with her mountain trekking (as if she was just doing a bar-hopping in our hometown. hahaha! Lol). It never crossed my mind that I would be taking the same steps she had made for herself.

August 2015. This was my first ever mountain hike. The itineraries for that day were the spine-tingling view of Pinagbanderan peak and the awe-inspiring serenity of the Bantakay Falls.


Pinagbanderahan Summit, Atimonan, Quezon Province (photo credit: Arlene Torres)


Bantakay Falls, Atimonan, Quezon Province (photo credit: Rechelle Asis)

Three weeks after that, I decided to join the 39th National Milo Marathon, my first ever fun run. We were able to hit the road for our Monolith experience and made our way to the astonishing Mt. Pico de Loro.


Mt. Pico de Loro, Nasugbu, Batangas (photo credit: Eric Llego)

September 2015. I had my third climb. This was something that will forever linger on my mind. Because of that, it was worthy to be named as the “Malarayat Death March of 2015.”


Mt. Malarayat, Lipa, Batangas (photo credit: Kenneth Ivan Ebantot)

October 2015. Oh! I missed seeing the rushing water pounding the big rocks. This time, we came across the freezing cold water of Taytay Falls, Majayjay, Laguna.


Taytay Falls, Majayjay, Laguna

Two weeks after, I longed to be on the mountain top again. Fortunately, the majestic trail of Mt. Makiling in Los Baños, Laguna seemed to be inviting so we went our way going there, my fourth climb.

Mt. Makiling_10252015-123904-0080.JPG

Mt. Makiling, Los Baños, Laguna

In the month of November, I was able to reach the peak of my hiking experience. Actually, the third quarter of 2015 was the most splendid time of the year for me. This has paved way to more amazing mountains to climb, great people to meet, and stunning panoramic views to behold.


Mt. Romelo, Siniloan, Laguna (photo credit: Mark Anthony Vasquez)

1st week of November.  I battled against the muddy trail of Mt. Romelo of Siniloan, Laguna with side-trips of the famous Buruwisan, Lanzones, and Batya-batya Falls, my fifth climb.


Buruwisan Falls, Siniloan, Laguna


Lanzones Falls, Siniloan, Laguna (photo credit: Arvy Marizen Sante)


Batya-batya Falls, Siniloan, Laguna

2nd week of November. The heart-stopping view of the famous Rockies of Mt. Maculot marked my sixth trek up to the Mt. Maculot summit.


Rockies, Mt. Maculot, Cuenca, Batangas (photo credit: Yasser Aureda)

As much as I would like to keep my climb on the third week of the month, I had to cancel it because my younger brother was about to propose to Hannah that time. So I ended up taking photos and videos to capture one of the most precious moments in their lives. It was fun and it was definitely a heart-melting encounter when you witnessed two completely different individuals with only one purpose; that is to become one.


Silangang Nayon, Bantigue, Pagbilao, Quezon Province

Final week of November. The long wait was over for our Mt. Pulag escapade. One of the most amazing hikes I had and also my seventh climb. Afterwards, I told myself that December would be meant for relaxation and spending quality time with my family. But to be honest, I really can’t help it but to think about my next hike. I told to myself that Pulag will be my year-end hike for 2015 but I was wrong. Well, blame it on my feet. Hahaha!


Mt. Pulag, Kabayan, Benguet (photo credit: Cherry Villanueva)

I had my eight and ninth climb in the month of December. Our twin-hike in Mt. Talamitam and Batulao was truly a good year-ender in 2015.


Mt. Talamitam,  Nasugbu, Batangas (photo credit: Vonn Frederick Alcala)


Mt. Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas

This is just an onset of what’s ahead in the year 2016. The stories that showed off the ways how I ended the previous year rooted from marvelous adventures yearning to be shared their depth. I intended to impart them to those who choose to stay in their comfort zones presuming that they can’t because they are too afraid to take risk, to those who want but have nothing, and to those who dream to be their own hero.

I was not an interesting guy or you might say that I was pretty boring to be with. There was also a time that I thought I was stupid (not literally meant though) because I used to care too much about what people would think of me and how they would see me. I was so concerned that I would not meet other people’s standard. Like you, I am just an ordinary man living a normal life but that does not mean you cannot experience extraordinary things. Go out and explore. Be that awesome guy you wanted to be. You are so wrong if you think that it is too late for you to do these things. There are no late chances for someone who dreams and wants to be happy and free. This is my quest. Join me on my pursuit of true happiness.



To our Awesomeness,


The WeakEnd Warrior


Published by Jeffrey Antaran