Pause for a while, sit on a bench facing the horizon, feel the fresh breeze in your skin, turn off your phone, just enjoy the silence and close your eyes. Feel that peacebuilding up in your heart? Do you feel that sensation of contentment and love at the same time? Do you feel that renewed heart, ready to embrace anything in this world? Then, open your eyes and take a long sigh, together make a smile on your face. When you’ve experienced and done that you found a love called “solitude love”.

Love can be found in different places, from different people, and in different forms. There’s agape “the unconditional love”, Philo “the friendship love”, storge “the family love” and eros “the romantic love”. But let me add another type of love from my own opinion and perspective “the solitude love”.

SOLITUDE LOVE – A love found in solitude or can also be called “self-love” where an individual loves herself/himself more after all the things he/she has been through. This kind of love is just not meant for single people only, however, this is the type of love that most people forget they should have first before going to eros love. Solitude refers to a person who appreciates herself/himself without the assurance of a romantic love from another person.

Knowing and loving yourself more can be done in so many ways. Like traveling alone, exploring new things alone and discovering your new abilities alone. Yes, alone A-L-O-N-E! I’m not saying you’re going to be forever alone rather to just enjoy things alone. With this, you will discover what you are capable of and to feel that self-contentment. This is the stage of our lives where we can find ourselves to love our own flaws or imperfections, which we are, the mistakes decisions we have done. It’s about building yourself up, picking the pieces up you have lost along the way in life to be whole again. To be whole again for that person you are meant to be.

A found love in solitude unfolds the fact that we are worthy despite all of our failings, that we deserve second chances and we are not meant to be broken forever. A love that would remind us to not settle for anything less than we deserve but only with God’s best and nothing less.

Published by Tina Maria