Chapter 8, Part 3 DRIVEN



God wants us to have abundant lives. God does not contradict Himself. He would not promise this to us, have us surrender our will and then leave us to live miserable and struggling lives. There is no contradiction or discrepancy in what He says or what He does; neither has God failed to make it clear as to what God expects from man, nor His plan for man.


There may be several reasons why we see contradiction, discrepancy or lack understanding of God's Word. It may be due to our spiritual maturity or life experience. There may be something preventing us from making a connection intellectually or spiritually. God may reveal some Truth to us in His appointed time. We may be blinded by our inability to repent and surrender our will and come to truly know God and His Son, Jesus. Any one or combination of these things will keep us from being empowered and living life abundantly. Knowing Jesus makes all the difference, because, He is the Gateway to the Father, whose Holy Spirit will teach and assure us of all things. It is God's Will for us to live abundantly within His Kingdom. How do we unlock the door that empowers us to do so?





Some believe that those who call the Creator by another name, other than that which they have been taught are worshipping a false god--an idol. There is discrimination and judgement between those who debate Jesus as the Son of God. But, do they know who Jesus is? Do they know who God is?


Before Jesus, Who is the Word in the flesh, there was the Word and the Word WAS GOD. Abraham came to KNOW and believe GOD, who is THE WORD and it was counted to him as righteousness. Again, Abraham came to know and believe GOD, who is THE WORD and it was counted to him as righteousness. This spiritual being was simply known as the God of Abraham. Knowing and believing God's Word, empowered Abraham.


In the beginning WAS THE WORD. Until The Word was made flesh, as Jesus, all man had to believe on was The Word in the Spirit, Who is GOD!


God came as The Word to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Elijah Elias, Jeremiah, Daniel and the other prophets. Moses experienced God in Word and Spirit. Haggai, Abraham's servant and the mother of his son, Ishmael, prayed and heard Him. As the child cried out, God heard Ishmael, who then, experienced Him as the Word, the God of his father, Abraham, who believed God's Word. 


God identified Himself to Moses simply as I AM. The Children of Jacob, whom God renamed Israel, know Him by many names, according to how He manifests Himself and in reverence to His Holiness, do not speak His given name. Isaiah, Samuel, David and Solomon knew Him as the God of their forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They too, knew God because they had a relationship with Him and experienced Him. Those who have experienced Him have often become empowered by Him.


God is Omnipresent and Omnipotent! We can know Him by His character and by our experience with Him. But, what of His true name? Who is right? Who is serving the real God? God will not reveal His name to us because of the POWER and HOLINESS it holds, just as there is POWER and HOLINESS, wonder-working power, in the name of JESUS! Yes, there is power in the name of God, but to unleash the power, one must know and believe in His Word. Jesus' reference to those who served God being His family should shed some light on who knows and experiences God. Those who serve, obey God and in turn love God, because they have heard His Word and experienced Him.


The world is filled with a multitude of religions, cults and sects. Wars rage with brothers fighting brothers and persecution of one religion over another. Even if some became worthy of the knowledge of God's name, others, through the hardness of their hearts toward one another and their unbridled tongue, would destroy one another with the power that is in the true, Holy name of the Almighty God. See how men, even those who call themselves Believers take the Lord's name in vain, with the habitual and flagrant use of OMG, paying no heed to the commandment of God for us not to take His name in vain. Man as a whole has not learned to revere and fear God, even using the name by which we call Him. Many people sometimes even using His name to curse their brothers and sisters! Empowerment comes with obedience to God and a holy relationship.


Many may say that I want a relationship with God. However, they don't pay attention to the details of that relationship, since their perception of a relationship has been predetermined by the behavior they have learned within the world. They need to be deprogrammed. But, one must determine if they are ready for this step to empowerment which requires total submission to God's Will and seeing things through His eyes. We must ask ourselves, "Am I ready for TOTAL SUBMISSION or do I still feel that I'm running things and I can steer my ship where I want it to go, and live the life I want to live or I've always dreamed of? Do I still feel that it's my decision and mine alone: who I love and associate with; who I listen to; who gets my time, attention and affection? Do I believe I can apply the things of the world to the Kingdom of God?"


Some may say, "Sure, I'll have a relationship with God. I'll try to get along with other people, but, it will be on my terms. I believe I can be obedient to God, as long as I don't have to deal with people I don't like or disagree with. And, when I go to church or worship, nobody will be the wiser. I'll fit in with the rest of the worshippers, because, I know the routine."


But, is this part of God's PLAN for your life? How does this EMPOWER you? Is this part of ABUNDANT life, or are you still waiting because you have been told that, "The best is yet to come"? But, is it, if you don't understand what "the best," is?


Is this your excuse to live as you please now expecting God's approval because you're showing INITIATIVE?! While you're expecting to receive the best, God is expecting you to become your best through a relationship with Him.


Meanwhile, according to some people, there is no waiting on the Lord and being of good courage as it applies to the way you want to live YOUR LIFE! God will have to catch up, because according to the world you're behind schedule. You want to keep up with your peers and live life before you get to old or you're already too old to change! CONTROL! The throttle is in your hand and it's full speed ahead!


Some may even believe their power and energy is in their youth or in the fact that they are still alive. Yet wisdom whispers, "Yes, you are alive, but, by the Grace and Mercy of God." And, if you cannot recognize Grace and Mercy, then, you don't really know God."


If your agenda and plan for your life requires you to set aside your faith and obedience to God; if seeking the Kingdom of Heaven first, falls at number two or below on the list, then your detour has already taken you off the right path and Jesus is no where in sight. But, if you really knew who Jesus was, you'd have known to look toward Heavenly things FIRST to stay on course.


These examples of little faith aren't too uncommon, as most Believers have been playing hop-scotch or following a checkered path instead of traveling a straight and narrow road, which is why it has been so easy to distract them from their focus on Jesus. They believe they can apply the world to Kingdom life, instead of applying Kingdom life to the world.


They see success as it applies to the world and fear as it applies to trying to gain from the world.


They cannot see and understand that fear lies in their inability to let go of the world, see TRUTH to live abundantly in the Kingdom of God.


So, what is the difference? How do we define "abundance," bringing it to earth, as it is in Heaven? Does it mean I will have to live a life of poverty, whereas, I have what some perceive and label as poverty mentality, fearing wealth, status, fame and it's corruption or its responsibility and demands upon me intellectually, emotionally, spiritually or even physically? No, Jesus told us about Heaven, and His Father's House, which holds many mansions. We have read that the streets are paved with gold. God wants us to enjoy the beauty of the earth and the fullness thereof as it is in Heaven.


But, where does Heavenly wealth come from, other than the apparent creation of God? Why is there wealth in Heaven? Or is it seen as wealth? Whatever it is, what makes one worthy to receive it, and how do we bring this Will of God to Earth? Is everyone worthy? Should everyone be seeking wealth and that which comes with it? Should we count those who aren't seeking the so-called, "good things in life," as being "losers," "poverty minded," afraid to be "the best they can be," or, "grab the gusto," or, "take the bull by the horns?" Are they living in fear of expressing themselves, living life to the fullest and achieving a higher status or goal in life? Or, should this basic way of thinking be attributed to the elite, fearless, adventurous, capitalists, the result of westernization and globalization, and the worldly minded?" Is there a happy medium? Where will God's empowerment lead us or are we seeking to use empowerment to lead ourselves?


Matthew 6:33 King James Version (KJV)


33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.



If I am not seeking the Kingdom first, then, I am not ready for all that God has to offer me. If I keep clinging to the world and the flesh, looking back, then, I am not worthy for all that God has to offer me. If I run ahead of God to get what I want, disobeying and committing sin upon sin, then:


Mark 8:36 King James Version (KJV)


36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?


If we are looking for something to empower us, to energize us in life and propel us into our destiny, which is God's plan for our life, we must become less focused on ourselves and more focused on knowing God and becoming like Him to become who HE desires us to be. He has promised us that everything else will be added. Does that mean that all of God's ships sail to bigger and brighter things or is God more concerned with making us better?


As He was trying to tell Moses, I AM, is more than a name. It defines who, what, where, why and even how God is. This is the authority and power by which we live in abundance! It is because we know GOD and we abide in a connection with Him that we have power over our flesh and sin of the world!


Many feel that they have been emboldened and freed of fear, having chosen to forge ahead with their goals and dreams in life. This they might do, if their goal is to live abundantly within the world.  However, they will STILL lack one thing.


If one intends to live abundantly within God's Kingdom, then, to let go of fear is to be made perfect in love. One cannot shed their chains of bondage until they have surrendered their will to God to let His Kingdom come into their life. When our love is perfected, it has been freed from the corruption of the world and we see clearly the meaning of abundance as it pertains to the Kingdom! Abundance in the Kingdom is increase! God intends for us to live an increased life--fruitful. Everything as it pertains to the Kingdom, produces increase--fruitfulness. Therefore, if I am to have a relationship, it must produce increase! IT MUST BE FRUITFUL!


To be free and free indeed is the price of TRUTH, paid for by the blood Jesus shed for us. Therefore, if one desires to be freed of chains and bondage, then they must accept the TRUTH, THE WAY, AND THE LIFE!


The truth is that God desires our relationships to be fruitful. If, we are living abundantly, our abundance is determined by our ability to be fruitful, producing increase.


However, we can STAND in TRUTH, HOLINESS and RIGHTEOUSNESS and be fruitful. Our standing produces increase in that it requires us to utilize spiritual power, thereby, yielding the fruit of God's Holy Spirit.


We cannot leave God out of letting go of our fears or changing our life, or we will continue to travel a checkered pathway, being Satan's pawn, doing his bidding, and believing we are doing "good." Although, the pathway may take us to new and interesting places, it will continue to detour us from the pathway to the Kingdom.




If we are to remain fruitful, pursuing, creating and engaging in healthy relationships, we, ourselves must be in a healthy state. In order to continue to grow and produce, we can think of ourselves as a seed.


Are we on fertile ground, within a healthy environment, conducive to nurturing growth? Do we have access to the water of Life, Jesus? Have we chosen to root ourselves within our faith, with God as our foundation? Are we basking and growing in The Light of the World, JESUS, who shines the Light upon the true path? Or, are we "ALWAYS CHASING RAINBOWS," looking for our pot of gold?


Having a relationship with others is dependent upon our staying on the right pathway with Jesus, following Him and obeying God. It is closely intertwined and woven into God's plan and purpose for our life. We and our relationships are empowered and energized through knowing who God is and our relationship with Him.


Finding your energy and becoming empowered requires rechecking your connection to be revivedKnowing that you have access to I AM within you to give you the strength and power to stand and endure; to conquer and drive you on to do that which God has planned and purposed for you.


To have a purpose and be needed makes one feel useful, fulfilling that same need that flowed through our Father when He created the Universe and man; the need for power and energy to increase and flow, creating endless possibilities; but, also, creating a desire to connect with something in a relationship, which required someone to experience them with God in a relationship, sharing in love and companionship.


It appears that the Universe knows its purpose as does nature, the flora and fauna. Yet, man struggles when it comes to finding his purpose, not because of a lack of will to act, but, an inability to surrender his will to God. Man tends to focus his will inwardly upon himself. God's love, perfect and unconditional love gave man freewill to choose. Our love for God can lead us to surrender and give our will back to God to be empowered, directing our actions outward to be fruitful to benefit others and the Kingdom.


So, is it that life is so confusing, or have we caused ourselves confusion when we refuse to have a relationship with God or fail to put Him as the Head of our lives? Since God is not a god of confusion, it would serve us well to admit our errors and know that our lives will take on order and purpose by surrendering our Will to Him to become vessels and servants within His Kingdom. Therein, will HIS plan become known for us, fulfilling His promise of abundant and eternal life, when we choose to become PURPOSE DRIVEN.


Driven by our PURPOSE, God prepares us and everything around us. He will not send us into the fields unequipped and alone. Those gifts or talents we need will be revealed and manifested through His Holy Spirit. He will direct us to the right place to achieve the necessary skills and help from others along the way. Jesus will keep us on the right path and teach us to be like Him, obeying our Father and enduring when times get hard and the road gets rough.


There are many tests and assessments you can take to help determine your skills, gifts and talents, desires, likes and dislikes. However, understanding God's purpose for them is what helps us to be empowered and stay on the right path with Jesus.


  • Evaluate your current position: Fruitfulness, satisfaction, meeting current and future needs, etc.
  • In your current position, are you being obedient to God's Will?
  • Do you know your place within the Body?
  • How do you see yourself within the world?
  • Does your world view conflict with the Kingdom?
  • What do you have to offer in the world for the benefit of the Kingdom?
  • Do you know your value to the world? --to God?
  • Only believe, all things are possible. Do you see your goals as achievable with God?
  • With God, all things are possible. What does He want you to do? 
  • Can you do what God wants you to do and what you want to do?
  • How prepared are you?
  • What will it take for you to position yourself or move into place? 
  • Is Jesus just waiting for you to follow? Following the Mind of Christ, Jesus will help us discover our place within the Body and within the Kingdom. You are a seed just waiting to be planted to be fruitful and increase.






Now, let us apply our given knowledge to God's Will for our relationships, even when faced with enemies, foes, the disagreeable, argumentative and alike. Does God expect us to have increase and be FRUITFUL at ALL TIMES? YES! Can you have a relationship with an ENEMY that produces fruit? YES! Does it mean that I associate with the enemy and we are on friendly terms? No, but, because YOU choose within YOUR heart to love, learn and grow from the relationship, you are bringing Kingdom principles to earth, which plant and nurture seeds that will grow and increase. Your enemy may never love you as a friend, but, as you STAND in Holiness and Righteousness, they may come to respect you, wherein, God may use them to work on your behalf. Giving God's love unto others looses and binds things on earth and in Heaven, preventing the spread of darkness and increasing the Light. God's Love has power over Darkness! Hating, being bitter, or even indifferent towards others robs us of our energy, our connection to God's Power, and ability to loose and bind the Darkness directed at us and others to kill, steal and destroy.


As Believers, we have a choice to make. Are we concerned only with our own lives, choosing only to love those who are like us, which the Bible reminds us isn't difficult to do, or to be made perfect in love, giving others the opportunity to experience God's love and the fruitfulness thereof, and perhaps, saving another life other than our own.



Luke 6:32-36 King James Version (KJV)


32 For if ye love them which love you, what thank have ye? for sinners also love those that love them.

33 And if ye do good to them which do good to you, what thank have ye? for sinners also do even the same.

34 And if ye lend to them of whom ye hope to receive, what thank have ye? for sinners also lend to sinners, to receive as much again.

35 But love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil.

36 Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful.


We need only look at the flowers, birds and bees to realize that everything within the Kingdom is purpose driven to be fruitful and yield increase, even using that which is in Darkness to achieve God's plans for Holiness and Righteousness. As you stand against adversity, seek to form or maintain relationships, or work to fulfill your purpose and live day to day, remembering that finding your energy and becoming empowered requires rechecking your connection to be revived, knowing that you have access to I AM within you to give you the strength and power to stand and endure; to conquer and drive you on to do that which God has planned and purposed for you to live abundantly, yielding His Fruit and producing INCREASE.


With abounding love, your servant,



Published by Mishael T