(Intermittent Waves Recorded From The Transformed Heart Of A Woman)





Nigel and Wendell boarded an irregular flight, on an unfamiliar airline, which was leaving at four a.m. in the morning. They were surprised to discover that the pilot was also the baggage and flight attendant, along with another woman, who was her co-pilot. Being the gentlemen that they were, Nigel and Wendell hesitated to give the women their luggage. However, after a brief tugging session between them, where the women proved to be almost as strong as they were, they acquiesced.


After they were seated, in first class, since there were very few passengers to fill up the plane, Wendell turned and looked at Nigel strangely and opened his mouth to speak, but, Nigel interrupted before he got a word out of his mouth.


"It was Hazel's sister's husband's first cousin, who works at the airport. I had trouble booking a flight and we needed to leave in a hurry, so, my sister-in-law said that he had connections and the tickets would be relatively inexpensive."


"You mean they were cheap, Nigel. Cheap, cheap, cheap, like this old airplane."


"Ssh...Wendell, they'll hear you. You've got to give these women credit, Wendell. They're entrepreneurs in an industry dominated by men. I hope they make it."


"Well, right now, I'm hoping that we make it. This plane doesn't look too sturdy and-and those women..."


"Don't say it. Don't say it."


"Don't say what? All I was going to say is that those women can't fly the plane and repair it at the same time. Although, I'm sure their capable. What were you thinking, Nigel? Tell me about that. Perhaps, you're the one with the male chauvinist mind, a bigot, who thinks these women can't be good pilots, because, they're women. Is that what you didn't want me to say, Nigel?"


"Ssh...I wasn't thinking any such thing!"


"Then, why did you stop me? Huh, Nigel?"


"I'm not going to argue with you, Wendell. I have more pressing matters that are of concern. Put your seat belt on!"


"Stop bossing me around! You've been bossing me since we were children! Don't tell me what to say and what to do..."


"Wendell, I'm not bossing you, I-I-I, I'm just..."


"You're just bossing me..."


"Alright, alright, I-I'm sorry. I apologize. Now, hand me that magazine over there!"


Wendell heaved a big sigh, shaking his head, then threw the magazine in Nigel's lap. He took a medical journal out of his briefcase and hid his face in it, pretending to read.


Nigel slowly pulled the book down from Wendell's face. They looked at one another and began to laugh, happy to be in one another's company.


Nigel knew that his mind would be more at ease with Wendell along side him. He felt more than worried about Zenobia. He had a queasy and sick feeling in the pit of his stomach and he was frightened out of his mind, finding it hard to think. Picking a fight with Wendell seemed to be the enjoyable and obviously distracting  thing to do, since Wendell was always so easy going.


When they were boys, Wendell was always the sensible and sensitive one in their group. Nigel could never get anywhere arguing with Fabian, Lennox, or Charles. More than once or twice, in fact, countless times, they had heated arguments that ended in name calling, wrestling, tussling, and boxing matches. Even now, whenever they played tennis, handball, golf, or watched sporting events together, their wives had to tell them to behave.


Looking back to when they were kids, Wendell was the peacemaker. He was a big, strong boy. He never fought with them and no one wanted to go up against Wendell in a fight. You could say that Wendell had always been the nurturing adult in the group, even helping Nigel with his younger brothers and sisters.


Nigel knew that Wendell had it hard at home because of his parents always arguing and because of the way that they ignored him. To make things worst, he endured being made fun of and being called, Whale, at school, because of his obesity and enormous size for his age.


Yet, Wendell had always been like a brother to him, and as a result, arguments between them always ended up with laughter, since, neither one of them could ever stay angry with the other. When Wendell was sent off to boarding school, Nigel had cried and cried throughout the week, not even wanting to play. Charles, Fabian, and Lennox made fun of him, and called him a big, cry baby, but, he had noticed their teary eyes, also.


Wendell had left a lasting impression and they all felt it within their hearts. Their friend, Wendell, had always been there to help everyone and unite them. Deep down inside, the four of them wondered how they were going to make it without Wendell. Who would help them with their parents and their siblings? Who would break up their arguments and fights and make them behave?


Because of his love for Wendell and his sister, Nigel was so hoping things would work out romantically between them. He wanted to get her away from Hal, as soon as possible, and was prepared to do whatever he had to do to make that happen. However, he was in no way prepared for the condition he would find his sister in and the long road ahead for them all.




"Hal Siegfried Graves?"


At the mention of his name, Hal shoved his coffee in Martin's hands and hurried to speak with the desk clerk.


"Yes, I'm Hal Siegfried Graves."


"Here, take this visitor's pass. Take the east elevators and go up to the fifth floor surgery waiting room. When you get off of the elevator, you'll see a sign to go to the left. When you reach the desk, let them know what patient you're there for. They'll give you a beeper that will alert you to come to the desk when they have information for you, or, when the doctor or case-manager wants to speak with you."


"Thank you!"


Hal was familiar with the area, since Rachel was on the same floor. He hurried to the elevator with Martin close behind him. On their way, Martin called Rahid to let him know that they were headed his way and to wait until Steve sent someone to take the next shift.


"How's Rachel doing, Rahid?"


"She's calmed down since the nurse brought the baby back. She's busy taking care of him."


"Good. Don't tell her anything unless she asks. Okay?"


"Okay, I understand."


In the surgery waiting room, Hal did as he was instructed to do. He was given a paging beeper, and told to have a seat, until he was called. Very soon, after he took a seat, the beeper went off. Hal became anxious when he looked over at the desk and saw a man standing in a white coat, but, he wasted no time in responding to the alert. He offered his hand and shook hands with the doctor.


"Hi, I'm Hal and I'm here for Zenobia Agumanu. How is she doing? Is the baby okay?"


"Hello, I'm Dr. Fyodorov. Are you the patient's husband?


Hal gave a sheepish look.


"N-no, I'm the father of her child. Uh...her brother is on his way. I'm in contact with him, but, I have permission to discuss her case."


"Well, sir, all I can tell you right now, is that, from the x-rays, we've got a lot of work to do. There are a lot of fractured bones, but, the important thing right now is to get her and the baby stabilized. That's what this first surgery is all about."


"First surgery?!"


As the doctor said those words, Hal's mind went into a state of horror. The thought of Zenobia undergoing multiple surgeries and being pregnant was terrifying. How much could she endure? Was he going to lose her and the baby? Was all of this his fault? What would her brother and family say? The guilt was overwhelming and Hal's heart ached trying to carry the burden.


The doctor went on describing Zenobia's condition.


"Yes, I'm afraid so. She has internal bleeding in several areas and we won't know how bad it is until we have a look inside.


We also want to make sure that the baby hasn't sustained any life- threatening injuries. There is fluid leaking from the womb, but, the good thing is that the baby is far enough along that we can deliver it prematurely, when the mother is stabilized. She's in good hands with Dr. Spencer. He's one of our best surgeons. We've also contacted her doctor. --Dr. Acharya?"


"Y-yes, that's how you s-say his name."


"Dr. Acharya is coming in to review our findings and then, we will determine how we will proceed. We will let you know as soon as possible. However, we will need a family member to sign papers, at the desk, giving permission for us to perform surgery."


"I'll contact her brother right away and-and thank you doctor."


"You're welcome, sir. I'm glad to be of service."


The news made Hal feel sick and light-headed. He looked at Martin, who was on the phone, but, keeping an eye on him. Martin sensed something was wrong.


"Steve, I'll call you right back. I've got to take care of something here...okay...bye."


Hal covered his eyes with his hand.


"Hey, hey, what's going on, soldier? You're still with me, aren't you?"


Hal teetered to the side, straightened up, and spoke through his tears.


"Yeah...I'm with...with you. She's...sh-she's bad, Martin...real bad. They've got to take the baby if they can get her stable. They don't know if the baby is injured. Oh God! What have I done?!"


Hal started to cry out, but, Martin grabbed him and pressed his face into his chest, muffling his cries. Then, he grabbed Hal by the shoulders and started shaking him.


"You're missing the hole point, Hal! THEY'RE ALIVE! Do you know what a miracle that is?! There's HOPE!


Another thing your father taught me is not to give up hope and when it's time to pray! That crazy old man was a praying man! He spent a lot of time praying for you! Now, don't make it seem like he was wasting his time.


I took bullets for that old man and I'm not sorry that I did. I saw the good in him. I wish I would have had a father like him. It didn't take long for me to notice that he was a different kind of father. I guess it was the God I saw in him and he made me want what he had. But, I didn't think I could. I mean, I didn't think I was worthy because of all the killing I had done in the military and the bad things I had done all of my life that I knew that I didn't have to do. Nobody made me sin and go against God. I chose to love the world and my flesh, instead of choosing to love and obey God.


I thought that was the end of my story until your father told me that God made me and God don't make no junk. Then he started yelling at me. "Guilt and shame are not of God, Martin! Give that stuff back to the devil! None of us are worthy and that's why we need Jesus!"


Then, he starting singing. You know he thought he could sing and sounded like Nat King Cole. He loved singing and he belted it out like he was giving a concert.


"Jesus paid it all. All to Him I owe. Sin had left a crimson stain. He washed it white as snow." 

As he reflected upon the memory, Martin couldn't stop laughing. Then, he paused and took on a very solemn demeanor, as his words took on a somber tone.


"Well, he thought he sounded like Nat King Cole, but, he sounded more like Red Foxx, the comedian, if you know who that was. But, it didn't matter. It really didn't."


Hal gave a little laugh and wiped his face, bringing Martin out of his moment of grieving, back around to the point he was trying to make.


"What I'm trying to say, Hal, is that we all fall short of the Mark, to measure up to the perfect man--Jesus. That's why you've got to know who you're following and what you're following.


was a soldier. No, no, let me correct that. I'm still a soldier, but, I'm in a different army now."


Hal looked at Martin, peculiarly. Was Martin saying that he was saved?


"Yeah, sometimes I don't believe it myself, but, that old man of yours knew Jesus and God. That's why I'm not worried about him. You couldn't help but see Jesus in him. He wasn't ashamed to tell you all about the mistakes he had made in life and the shame and guilt he had carried for disappointing his father, who was a preacher. He was free from all of that, but, from time-to-time, there was one thing that was hard for him to let go of, then, he'd fall silent and go into praying and singing.


You know, it's funny. At first I used to just take him to church, because it was part of my job. Then, I ended up going to church with him and happy to do so. Now, I understand who and what the church really is. It's the Body of Christ which follows the Mind of Christ. I realize that when I accepted Christ and got Baptized and received the Holy Ghost, I became whole. I have everything I need inside of me, because the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are there. I'm not the perfect man, but, it is Christ who perfects me when I rest in Him.


Your father helped me to receive the greatest gift of my life--abundant and eternal life. He helped to free me from a life of guilt and shame and even feeling inadequate, unloved, and lonely. I didn't know how to live until I found The Way, The Truth, and The Life!


Your father, didn't just live for himself, he lived for everyone around him and I'm not going to let his son miss out on seeing him again, because of guilt and shame.


You need to be whole, Hal. And, right now, you're holding on to too much instead of surrendering your will, casting your cares upon Jesus, and letting God lead you.


I know I told you to man-up Hal, but, we all are weak and we can do nothing without God. The only way you can be a man is by knowing The Man, Christ Jesus.

All that stuff you're feeling inside matters, but, not because of anger, hatred, vengeance, guilt, and shame. It matters to teach you God's unconditional love and obedience to God if you love Him. Your father loved God, that's why he took it so hard when he had to take another man's life. I had to remind him that we're still in a war and no one is a civilian or exempt from doing their part to stand and remind Satan that he is a defeated foe.


We're in a battle, Hal. An Earthly battle and a Heavenly battle, which are the same battle with the same enemy, who tried to overthrow God in Heaven. We're in a battle for our souls and we need our armor on, everyday!


Hal, when you rest in God's Holy Spirit and put on God's Armour, you'll find that God will strengthen and comfort you, hold you up, and fight your battles with you and for you. No matter how you or others see the battle, the battle always belongs to the Lord.


Men like Derek Graves, your great-grandfather President Willard Graves, his cronies, such as Vladimir Putin, and the rest, they were defeated men. Did you hear what I said? Derek Graves and the others are defeated men. They were defeated in the beginning before they even got started and they didn't even know it. They were withered, unfruitful branches and the unfruitful are kindle for the fire.


Their actions prove that they don't know God or believe in God. So, what they did, intended for evil, was done in vain. Only what we do for Christ will last.


They were fighting against God and trying to defeat God! They were too blind and in darkness to know that what they did against men, flesh and blood, and all the hatred, pain, and suffering they caused was in vain!


Isaiah chapter fifty-four verse seventeen:

No weapon formed against you shall prosper,

And every tongue which rises against you in judgment

You shall condemn.

This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord,

And their righteousness is from Me,”

Says the Lord.

Now, I'm still going to go into battle! --Spiritually and physically, if I have to! Yessiree! We have to protect others from the evil that men do. I know now that that is part of my purpose.


Derek Graves will pay for what he's done, but, I don't want my work to be in vain! I want God on my side! I know I have to wait on the Lord. I'm putting mfaith and trust in Him. 


With Jesus as the center of my joy, my heart desires to be like Him. My heart has no desire to war with fleshmy mind, which follows my heart,  then, follows the Mind of Christ, which stays in the Will of God.


Ephesians six, twelve."

Martin looked over at Hal to assess the expression on his face and to see if he still had his attention. Then, he jokingly said,


"Yeah, I'm coming at you with another scripture and you're going to listen, while we're waiting, because I'm bigger than you and I say so."

Clearing his throat, as if preparing for a speech, he went on.

 Now, Ephesians six, twelve

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

Pleased with his accurate memory, Martin took a second to smile in satisfaction.


"Yeah, yeah, that's Ephesians chapter, six, verse twelve. I can quote a little scripture. I memorized those that I need to help change my way of thinking and the way I had been living.

Living the Word is what it means to follow Jesus and to have the Mind of Christ. Why am I telling you all of this? --Because I love you and I know that God is the only one who can help you endure right now.  Only, He can give you the answers that you want and need and only He can empower you to do what's right.


Now, don't get me wrong, all of this doesn't mean that I'm never going to pull the trigger and put a bullet in a man, again, but, if I do, it's not out of hatred in my heart. It's because they have presented themselves to me, at that moment, as an agent of darkness, doing their master's bidding, which is to kill me!


As Soldiers of the Cross, we have to keep in mind that there's a bigger picture going on here, Hal. This is bigger than me and you, your father, Sam, Jake, Zenobia, Rachel, Rahid, Steve, and everybody else in this crazy world! In this war, we're up against demonic warfare, which must also be fought spiritually.


I made up my mind as to whose side I'm on. I'm on the Lord's side. Now, if you want to win this, you need to be on God's side, too, because your side might not be the right side. So, if you really, truly, care about all of us, you need to decide, today, this hour, this minute, and this second, who's side you're on. Nobody wants to follow a blind leader."


They sat there for a while quietly. Martin was praying that his words were sinking in to Hal's heart. After awhile, Hal lifted up his head and looked at Martin, earnestly. He felt the stabbing pain in his heart from knowing that his father was dead, but, listening to Martin had made it seem as if his father hadn't left him, at all. He had left a part of himself with everyone he came into contact with. He could see it in Rachel. Now, he saw it in Martin. He punched Martin's shoulder and smiled. 


He could see it now, and he marveled at this new thing that he couldn't see before. But it was much more than just a thing. That's the way he was used to looking at faith and spirituality; as a 'thing' someone talked about and practiced. Now, he could see that it embodied so much more. It could only be described as an entity, a presence, a living being, who possesses power to spread itself and change that which it touches


This unchanging power must be the Truth that Martin was trying to explain to him and the Truth that his grandfather and father wanted him to see. It was the Truth that the Pharisee and Sadducee feared and couldn't kill and make disappear. It was the Truth that he had been blind to, but, it had been right before his eyes, within his grandfather, within his mother, within his father, within Rachel, and within Zenobia. Instead of embracing it, he had run from it and even tried to chase it away because he was jealous of it and didn't want to have to compete with it for love and attention. He didn't want it to touch him and make him feel as if he didn't have complete control of his life and decisions.


Yes, he had been blind and it had taken the death of his father to open his eyes. Why had he been so blind, he thought? He knew then that he needed to find out more. He knew then, that that eternal Truth, which he saw before him, meant that his father would never die, but have eternal life. He knew that this was the greatest epiphany he had ever had or would ever have in his life. He began to feel how it was freeing and comforting. All of a sudden, the world began to make more sense. He was so thankful for Martin. Grabbing his arm, he said,


"Yeah, just like my old man. Come on, Martin."


"Where are we going?"


"We're going to the hospital's chapel and I'm going to call Rachel's pastor and my father's pastor. Then, I'll call Nigel back and let him know what's going on. Then, I want Rachel to come down to the chapel with me."


Martin felt a lump coming up in his throat and he tried to swallow it, but, instead he let himself go.


"Praise God! Thank you, Lord! Oh, Father, how great thou art! Thank you, Jesus! Glory to God!"


The lump in his throat went away and his heart seemed to feel one hundred pounds lighter. Unable to hold back the joy within his heart, he began to softly sing praises to God. 


By speaking Truth into Hal, Martin had discovered how to use part of the armor he was wearing, God's Sword of Truth, a sword which gave life instead of taking life. He knew that the Truth had set him free and if he continued to shine his Light, like David Siegfried, he too, could help break chains to free others.


When they came to the small chapel, which was beautifully adorned with lights and color, Martin thought about the movement that began to take shape during Willard Graves Presidency. It was a movement entrenched in darkness, where people predicted that in the future Jesus would be seen as just an ordinary man, who had a brief moment of fame, and not as the Son of God, or God Incarnate. That is what the enemy wanted to keep people in bondage.


Remembering the influence David Siegfried had had upon him, Sam, Steve, Jake, and everyone around him, Martin chuckled at the thought of the enemy's plan to make Jesus a fable or a forgotten celebrity; and then to believe he could use Derek Grave to destroy them and keep them in misery, pain, and sorrow. 


"Father, he and people like him just don't know The Way, The Truth, and The Life,  or, the Power of the Truth. Have mercy on their souls.


 Truth is eternal! Truth can never dieHallelujah!"  



Published by Mishael T