(Intermittent Waves Recorded From The Transformed Heart Of A Woman)






Matthew 18:18-20 King James Version (KJV)

18 Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

19 Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.

20 For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.


After having been in the chapel for only a few minutes, the beeper went off. Worried that something had happened to Zenobia, they turned around and darted back to the surgery waiting room. When they arrived at the desk, a nurse presented Hal with papers to sign.


Hal took out his phone and tried to reach Nigel several times. Finally, he got through to his voice mail and left a message that he had spoken to a doctor who told him Zenobia was having surgery to stop her internal bleeding. He asked him to get back to him as soon as possible.


Hal looked at Martin, not knowing what to do. Martin just nodded his head, giving the go ahead for Hal to do what needed to be done. Nervously, Hal signed the papers, then headed back to the chapel.


While Hal was making his calls to the pastors, Martin was on the phone making calls as well. Hal hung up the phone with a smile. Pastor Allen, Rachel's pastor, had said that he was coming to the hospital right away and bringing his wife and some other disciples to pray with them. He scolded Hal for not calling sooner and gave his condolences for the losses they had incurred.


His father's pastor, Luis Fernando Escobar Diaz, an elderly gentleman, had just gotten out of the hospital himself and was convalescing. He was extremely saddened to hear about his father. They had become good friends, talking and praying on the phone and having lunch together once in a while. He told Hal that his assistant pastors had taken over his visitations and meetings until he was well.


However, he was very familiar with the hospital's chapel and asked to be plugged into a video conference that could be cast through Hal's phone. He would send out a text message that would alert his assistant pastors, those in the five-fold ministry,and others who had requested to be added to the prayer ministry. Those who responded to the alert, would be plugged into the video conference for prayer, as well.


Pastor Escobar Diaz assured Hal that someone would be out in the morning to pray and assist the family with funeral arrangements and anything else that they needed. He also knew Pastor Allen Fitzgerald and his late father, very well, and was looking forward to combining their efforts to assist the family. Hal was beginning to see how the Body worked together, following the Mind of Christ.


Growing up in the congregation where his grandfather watched over God's sheep, Hal had never paid much attention to all of the inner workings of the church. He just took everything for granted, but, he could see now that each individual was important and accountable.




Right on schedule, Nigel and Wendell's flight arrived in New York at 8:57. When they exited the plane, Nigel thanked the pilots for a safe and smooth flight. Wendell shook their hands and wished them well.


Inside of the airport, Nigel's phone was able to receive service again and he noticed that he had missed a call from Hal. He listened to the message Hal had left on his voicemail, then, called him right away.


"Hello, hello? Is this Hal?...Yes, this is Nigel...I'm here at JFK airport...Can someone pick us up? If not, we'll take a taxi...You'll send a limousine?...Thank you....uhm...We're at terminal four...Okay, we'll be waiting outside. Thank you, again."


Nigel hung up the phone, searched through his contacts for another phone number, then, dialed.


"Hello, this is Nigel Agumanu, Zenobia Agumanu's brother. I have just arrived in New York to be with my sister who is in the hospital. She worked for Dr. Acharya some time ago. He told me to call him if I ever needed any help...He what?...He's at the hospital with her, now? Can you contact him and let him know that I am on my way with a surgeon, a Dr. Wendell Baptiste?...Yes...Dr. Wendell Baptiste...Yes...Please give him my telephone number...Yes, that is correct. Thank you, very much. Goodbye."




Usually, it would have been Sam's job, but, now that Sam was gone, Hal knew that he would have to hire another permanent chauffeur; something that might be difficult to do, now, considering the fate of their predecessor.


Hal immediately called Steve for him to arrange to pick up Nigel at the airport. He had heard Nigel mention 'we,' so, he assumed that Nigel had brought his wife with him.


Steve was no longer sending anyone out alone and two cars were to travel together at all times, which meant more men working on each shift. He had contacted another branch of their security company to see if anyone was available for a short-term position, or, if they would consider relocating to New York. So far, he had only one applicant with the qualifications needed for the positions.


Howard and Vince who had been promoted to run their own security branches, since learning of the two deaths and Jake's unknown whereabouts and status, begged to come back to New York. They were due to arrive later that day with some trusted men of their own.


Steve still had men looking for Jake in hospitals throughout the city and nearby counties. However, as of yet, no one had any leads. He was reluctant to pull anyone off of the search. He knew that Jake would never stop looking for him and he would use all of the resources that he had to find him. Steve wasn't about to slack up from his pursuit. He wanted his men who were off-duty to be rested and ready for whatever was ahead of them, that night. So, instead of making them work overtime, he pulled three men from desk duty at their office and told them to lock up and forward all calls to their cellphones. He decided that he would be the fourth man on the team.




Traffic to the airport was heavy, as usual, and Steve wanted to make sure that they stayed together, so, no one was to try to squeeze in ahead of other cars to speed up the trip.


"They are taking too long."


"Be patient Nigel. This is a big city and there is a lot of traffic."


"Yes, but, they're operating on Zenobia, now, and I should be there."


"Ah! Over there Nigel! A limousine coming our way. I bet you that it's them."


"I don't bet, Wendell."


"Nigel, you're simply being obstinate and contrary because you're nervous and afraid."


The limousine stopped in front of them and Steve got out.


"Hi. I'm Steve Ramirez. Would one of you happen to be Nigel Agumanu?"


"Yes, I'm Nigel Agumanu."


"Well, I'm at your service, sir. Please, let me help you with your bags."


"No, we can carry our own bags. Wendell, get your bags."


"Stop bossing me, Nigel."


Nigel and Wendell put their luggage into the back of the limousine, as Steve held the passenger door open for them.


"At your service, gentleman. Would you like to go to the house first to take your luggage and freshen up?"


"No! Please take us directly to the hospital to see my sister! Dr. Acharya is waiting for me. We mustn't waste any more time!"


"Very well." Steve pushed the intercom button. "Ricardo, we're going to the hospital."




When they arrived at the hospital, Nigel wasted no time in getting out of the limousine; not waiting for anyone to open the door for him. He had no patience for pomp and circumstance. However, Steve rushed ahead of him to open the door and show him the way to the fifth floor.


When they reached the fifth floor nursing desk, Nigel had Dr. Naveen Acharya paged. After a few minutes, Dr. Acharya arrived at the desk and the nurse pointed out Nigel and Wendell. Seeing them, Dr. Acharya made haste in walking over to them and holding out his hand to shake.


"I'm so glad you're here, Nigel! How was your flight?!


"It was fine, doctor."


"And this is  Dr. Baptiste?"


Wendell shook hands with Dr. Acharya and nodded.


"Your reputation precedes you, doctor. I've read about your research and accomplishments in the medical journals. We would be happy to have your consultation and help."


"Can you take me to my sister, now?"


"Well, she's in recovery, now. We had to stabilize her. She had internal bleeding and a broken rib that had collapsed a lung. I tell you that it is a miracle that she and the baby are alive after all of the injuries that she sustained, but, I'm sure that was God's doing.


I don't mean to alarm you, but, I must be frank. Dr. Spencer has done a good job in stopping the bleeding, but, there is much more to do. Dr. Baptiste, we need all of the help we can get...all of the help we can get. Perhaps, God has sent you to us. Come with me."


Wendell and Nigel followed Dr. Acharya to the recovery area, where they were first asked to each put on a gown, mask, and gloves. He led them to the section where Zenobia's bed was and pulled back the curtain. What they saw behind the curtain made Nigel and Wendell stop and stand still. They could go no further. Seeing the extensive damage to Zenobia's face and body was shocking, even to Wendell, who had done countless surgeries. Seeing her lying there, barely alive and pregnant, was overwhelming and their love for her made it almost unbearable.


Noticing their shock and reluctance to move forward, Dr. Acharya, closed the curtain, took her files, and asked them to follow him to a consultation room.


"We are going to have to move fast to take the baby, or, we're going to lose her. Like I said, it is a miracle that she is alive. We were worried about injuries to the baby, but, Zenobia had finger marks dug into her back. We believe someone was shielding her and the baby and it more than likely saved their lives.


However, we need your permission on how to proceed. There's a possibility we could lose her, the baby, or both."


"I don't care about the baby! I want my sister!"


"Nigel! You don't know what you're saying! You're upset! We-We've got to think about what Zenobia would want. She was going through with this pregnancy, which means, she wanted this baby to live. She'd never forgive you if you allowed her child to die because you didn't care! The baby is your flesh and blood, too!"

Nigel hung his head down in shame. Dr. Acharya put his hand on Nigel's shoulder and patted it.


"He's right, Nigel. Zenobia really wanted this pregnancy and loves this child as if she is already here, today. I will fight to save them both, if you will pray and help me."


Nigel looked up at Dr. Acharya with tears in his eyes. Then, he looked at Wendell.


"If Wendell helps to perform the surgery, then, I agree. I'll know that there will be two doctors fighting for their lives."


"Okay, but, I will have to get permission from the hospital. Are you in agreement, with his request, Dr. Baptiste?"


"Y-yes. I am in agreement."


Steve, who had been on the phone with Martin and Hal, came over and excused himself.


"Excuse me for interrupting, but, Mr. Siegfried has been informed of your arrival and would like to speak with you; that is, when you have time. He's downstairs in the chapel."


At the mention of Hal's name, Nigel and Wendell looked at one another, expressing disdain. Dr. Acharya nodded his head, giving approval of their leave.


"Go ahead, Nigel, while I'm busy talking to the hospital administration and chief of staff. I will call you when I'm ready."



Published by Mishael T